August 26th, 2019 - Battle Arena, Rule/Guideline Changes and a buff!

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Hello everyone! Today's update brings some small new features to SkyRealms! I hope you all enjoy!


Battle Arena is a new event we have constructed for all of you to enjoy! Very similar to Battle Royale games, every player will be given a 20 minute grace period to where you cannot kill other players in PvP, this is for you all to gather resources so you have a chance to win that EPIC Victory Royale!

There will be no set teams in this gamemode, however if you want to team with others, you're more than free to! The only catch with this is.. there can only be 1 winner, so choose your teammates carefully! As you all hopefully have seen in other Battle Royale games/modes there is typically a border, and this small event is no exception to that! The border will slowly begin to shrink after PvP is enabled, to ensure there is a winner!

The Prize for winning this event will be a Crate of some form, so hopefully it is worth fighting for! This Battle Arena will be hosted every Saturday at 5pm EST, 2pm PST! Make sure you don't miss it, and good luck everyone! NOTE - One will be hosted today at those times stated above!

Rule/Guideline Changes!

A few things I thought the community should know is that we have updated the Server Rule Book, by which I mean adding an additional rule that is non-appealable. This new rule is for anyone that uses an X-Ray Texture Pack, which we did not tolerate in the first place. You're more than free to read the entire Rule Book here.

The guideline in which we changed is regarding the Ban Appeal system which was put in place by EvanOrgan. We felt it needed to be changed in some way, and so we did. The changes we made allowed players that broke specific rules and were permanently banned for them to appeal instantly instead of waiting 7 days. This was implemented as we didn't feel the need for players to wait 7 days for a lighter offence. You can find the guideline here.

Small Changes

- We have decided to finally buff the sell price for Gold Ingots to allow profit shopping which will be $4 per Ingot.
- Epic & Legendary Keys have been implemented into WarZone chests! Very rare chance to obtain one, but they are back!​