April 24th Update - NEW Custom Boss, Ignore makes a return & Redeem confirmation!

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Hello everyone! We have been working tirelessly to bring you these updates! We hope you enjoy!


Well.. it's finally here! We have now releases a very NEW and DIFFICULT Custom Boss! This boss is 100% the most difficult Boss we have released to date
that will make you tremble in your boots before him, however... if you are so lucky to defeat him, you will be HIGHLY rewarded for your great efforts!

Azraak The Champion!

So with the general grinding of the Nether most of you have been doing to obtain Wither Skeleton Skulls, you all thought this would have gone unnoticed.
The Wither Skeletons are NOT happy and have brought forth their Champion to rain terror and remain undefeated.

Azraak, The Champion's Health
10,000 HP

Next up is his FULL move set, so pay VERY close attention!

Flaming Earth - Launches a deadly fire missile towards players, following them wherever they go!

Chaining Throw - You want to run away? Well think again! This move will drag you back towards the boss
and inflict massive damage!

Screeching Waves - Azraak screeches dealing a gruesome amount of damage!

Steam Release - Do NOT anger the boss! He will have to release some steam.. in the form of setting everyone around him on fire!

Blowup - Dashes swiftly to a target delivering good damage AND inflicting players around him with BLEED!

Bonecrush - This move will make you leap with excitement.. well... you might not be happy.
Nevertheless, he will deal more damage AND bleed right afterwards!

Uncontrollable - You're starting to make him MAD.. watch out as Azraak increases his speed AND damage!

Berserk - More speed... MORE damage.. this move will FORCE you to get out of his way!

Enraged - Looks like you got on his BAD side. Azraak unleashes his full might and will teleport, throw and CRUSH
anyone who opposes him!

Devour - Upon every kill Azraak earns, he will heal! Champions Never Die.

Lifesteal - Throughout the full fight, the boss will be healing upon each hit he does to players. Not by much but.. don't leave him alone for too long!


Speed - Azraak increases his speed!

Regeneration - Azraak begins regenerating his health!

Physical Damage - Increases Azraak's PHYSICAL damage!

Increase Defense - Azraak toughens his skin and takes reduced damage!

So... who feels confident fighting this guy? I don't! Be sure to bring your BEST gear! This Boss is NOT meant for the weak or faint of heart.

Azraak, The Champion Preview.jpg

Azraak's Crown.png

Azraak's Chestplate.png

Azraak's Leggings.png

Azraak's Boots.png
Azraak's Sword.png

Azraak's Soul.png
Dethroned Name Tag.png

Champion's Realm Theme.jpg
Click HERE to preview the Particle Effect!

We're finally bringing it back everyone! We know this is a very long awaited feature!

For all of you that don't know how ignore works, it allows you to block YOU being able to see messages from a specific player (or multiple players if you have multiple people ignored). This also goes for any form of PM/DM such as /msg /tell etc..

How do I ignore other players you might ask? Simple do /ignore [Player Name] so for an example /ignore PatP

Another neat feature is you can just do /ignore without anything after! This will show your Ignore List which lists
everyone you have currently ignored!

You don't have to worry about having to ignore players on every sub-server, since it's all cross-networked!
Isn't that just perfect!

Now a lot of you will be wondering.. can I ignore a Staff member? The answer is... Yes and no. The 'Yes' part means you can do /ignore on a Staff member
HOWEVER.. it will not work. You will still see their messages in public chat & if they decide to PM/DM you in-game.

Click here for a preview to the Ignore Feature!


You're now able to confirm when redeeming any item that is redeemable, such as our Name Tags, Player Glows & Miniature Pets.

You might be asking yourself.. how does this work? Well.. a message like this will appear in your chat whenever you claim a redeemable item,
and as it says on the image, all you need to do is right click the cosmetic again to confirm it being redeemed.

This addition is to make it less likely that players will accidentally redeem cosmetics they didn't want to redeem, so we hope you enjoy this feature!​