A change to ranked perks (fly)

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First of all, This will probably not get added. I am just putting this idea out there.

As we all know, the ranks were taken out due to the mojang EULA. This did not really fix the problem however because players who bought ranks
still have a huge advantage. Ranked players should be able to keep their cosmetic perks such as pets, colored names, colored items, and trails. Some perks however, give players super huge advantages, such as /fly, able to have up to 9 enchants on items, and the ability to break spawners. I think the ability to fly at our own realms should be available to everyone. I know this will be unfair to skygods who spent a lot of money on this ability, so here are a few suggestions to make it more fair. (NOTE skygods can still fly all the time)

- Give players who vote /fly for a set amount of time (This works well on a factions server)
- Add a new legendary enchant called flight (Enchant all 4 pieces of armor with flight to be able to fly in your realm)
- have a hard to find item that allows the user to fly
- have a "flight potion" (maybe you can get it from legendary keys or in the war zone)

here is an example, (below)

Well, thats all for now, let me know what you think! :)
if the items are found in the warzone you could have common flight and leggy flight
short time ex 10 min^ ^longer time ex 30 min to an hour