[7/21/2017] Custom IG Spawners!

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The prices are fine imho (might rather be on the cheap side).
They are not for the starters of course. Its better value to keep IG spawners a while (if you sell all your iron yourself). As soon as you open a Profitshop with the rates we see today, its better to change to gold ones.
An quick example:
Lets say the spawn rates are equal (I think they are). You either get 1 stack of gold or 7 stacks of iron. If you sell all yourself you get 1152 for the gold or 1792 for the iron.
If you are like a lot of people and make a profit shop even if your IG count is low the numbers would be 926 for the gold and 210 (sell for 30 per stack) for the iron (if you want to costumers to make the same profit). So Its easy to see that you as an owner will earn more from gold profit shops than Iron ones (again unless you plan on selling all yourself). Buckets change the numbers a little, but most don't bother with that and Gold still have a higher margin.

My 2 cents
Guys i would may add a Slime Spawner --- some Player have less slimechunks or may they even dont have slimechuncks ... slimespawner would be great
Well....Honestly nice idea for spawners,but if you do not fix hackers stealing spawners soon,its not going to be worth it,cause they will just steal all the IG spawners they can to get the better spawners. You need to do something about the stealing first.
People can hack into your base and steal your stuff. Happened to Demented_Fish, fireflame107, and others. It sucks honestly.
Yeah my final blow 4 70% got stolen once.
It's on some hacked and griefing clients. It is usually used in hunger games to loot chests but it works on skyrealms too.