[5/26/2017] The Nether, Balances and More!

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Hey everyone! We've got some major updates and balance changes for SkyRealms for you all today. Read on to learn more about the Nether, enchant balances, legendary keys and more!

The Nether
The nether is a classic Minecraft realm, and now you can visit it in SkyRealms! Simply construct a nether portal and hop in, just as you'd expect. This will take you to a custom world where you'll be able to adventure, mine, kill mobs and more!


When you spawn into the Nether, you'll spawn high up with an elytra, allowing you to fly down to a spot of your choice in the world. Once you land the elytra will be removed and any armor you had on restored. Inventories do transfer, so anything you obtain in the Nether can be brought back to your realm!

PvP is disabled (for now, let us know if you think this should change!), so your only fear will be the pigmen, blazes and other monsters that inhabit the world. If you're fast you'll even be able to mine a blaze spawner before other players get to them! The nether will reset periodically, so don't get too attached to the world.

Enchant Balances
Based on extensive feedback from all of you, we've balanced and fixed a huge number of enchants to make PvP more fun, fair and balanced! You can find a full list of the changes below.

Lighting - increased damage
Weakness - increased duration and level of weakness
Pickpocket - lowered chance and amount of stolen money
Wolfpack - increased chance
Disarmour - lowered chance
Disarm - lowered chance
Bleed - slightly lowered chance, lowered damage
Heavy Hand - decreased damage multiplier
Life Steal - lowered health steal amounts
Snare - slightly lowered duration
Ignite - fixed, no longer 100% chance
Larger Fireball - lowered damage
Blast Off - lowered velocity
Valor - lowered duration
Enlightened - lowered duration, slightly lowered healing amount
Saturation - lowered duration
Snares - lowered chance, slightly lowered duration
Kadabra - lowered chance, lowered duration

Legendary Keys
We released legendary keys last week with SkyWars rewards, but as many of you have been asking, below is a list of the possible items you can earn from these keys.

Obsidian Theme
Underwater Theme
IG Spawner
EndermMan Spawner
Cow Spawner
Blaze Spawner
Skeleton Spawner
Zombie Spawner
Castle Theme
Mushroom Theme
Nether Theme
Western Theme

Full Changelog
- Added Nether
- Balanced/fixed huge number of enchants
- Fixed SkyWars rewards not always happening
- Lowered sponsored realm cost to 2.5 mil
- Balanced shop prices of Nether items​