2018 Christmas Event, Build Contest Winners + New Crate!

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Hello everyone! Today is the start of the 2018 Christmas event along with a couple other additions! Read below to learn about it all.

2018 Christmas Event
Much like the Halloween Event we held, we are having a similar Christmas event on the server! This one will be a little different because it will not take place in the WarZone, but an all new area added for the duration of the event, the North Pole!

North Pole
What is the North Pole?
Well, it's a new snowy landscape added to the server for the event! In the North Pole, you do not have much threat and it's a pretty peaceful place. You can still die from lava, and random dangerous holes but that is about it.
How do you get to the North Pole? Simply type the command /northpole and you should get transferred to the North Pole with your items!
What do you do in the North Pole? Well.. Much like the Nether, there are structures scattered around the map which all will have at least 1 of 3 blocks somewhere inside them.. Inside these structures (view spoiler below) you should find at least 1 Iron, Gold or Diamond Block! The blocks themselves are not the main reward in mining these blocks. When you mine one of these you have a chance at getting one of 3 total Currencies for this event! That is right.. There isn't 1, but 3 currencies for this event. "Holiday Cookies", "Cocoa", and "Coal" (view spoiler below to see what they look like).
What is the difference between the 3 blocks? Iron Blocks will give you 1 total Currency item. Gold Blocks will give you 2 of whatever currency you get and Diamond blocks will give you 3! Diamond Blocks are only found in certain structures!
The main purpose of the North Pole is to collect these currencies, however you can also mine and just run around if that is what you're into.. Please note that there are no mine shafts or dungeons on the map. There are still caves and ores. SkyGod+ also cannot fly in the area, like the Nether.
What do you do with the currency? Read "Mr. Claus" below!

Mr. Claus
Head over to the NPC Area and you should notice that Mr. Halloween has been replaced with Mr. Claus! Mr. Claus is accepting your currency for exclusive items only available during the Christmas Event. Head over to Mr. Claus and see what he has to offer for your Christmas goodies! You will need a combination of the 2 currencies to buy each item from him, he is stubborn and doesn't like just 1 form of money..
Mr. Claus also features our FIRST BIOME which you can buy and change your Realm to that biome! You can get your hands on the "Taiga" biome and switch your grass color to a darker green when applied. We will be adding more biomes, but if you buy the biome from Mr. Claus, simply type /realm when at your Realm and then select the Wood Hoe. There is where you will be able to change your biome!

Festive Spawn
Thanks to @Pikachu1185 @blue_paladin and @EternalSky the spawn has been updated with a new Christmas look! Hope you guys feel in the holiday spirit.

Player Glows Crate Update
Check out the webstore and you'll find that the [XMAS] version of the Player Glow Crate has been added and the old one removed during the event! The crate is the same price and works the same way as before, however it now features 2 new possible drops.. The Christmas & Winter Glows! The Christmas Glow will flash between Red and Green and the Winter Glow will cycle through White, Aqua and Dark Aqua! The Crate will be removed when the event ends and replaced with the old one again.

The 2018 Christmas Event will end on Dec. 31st which should leave everyone a chance to get something from Mr. Claus!

Build Contest Winners
Today we have the winners announced for the Realm Theme Build Contest as well! Thank you to everyone who entered and it was a tough decision narrowing it down.
Even though we only have 3 places, we will be adding the 3 placers + the 3 staffs entries to the server! That is a total of 6 new possible Realm themes to have.
Please note that the only Realm theme available at this time for all players to somehow obtain is the Christmas Theme from Mr. Claus. We will be adding the other themes into the game at some point. The winners + 3 staff should all have their own theme sometime this week, before it is added to the game elsewhere.
Well, here are the winners!

1st Place: KillerCatX
2nd Place: DangerDill
3rd Place: Bearinbed
Please contact a Moderator on Discord to claim your coupon codes for the webstore!

+ Pikachu1185, EternalSky and blue_paladin's themes will also be added!

Congrats to all the winners and wonderful builds.
"Blossom Beauty"

"Stone Hut"

"Bird Cage"


"Quartz Castle"