[11/22/17] SkyRealms Reset

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After over half a year of running, we have decided to implement our first server reset in the next week or so! With this post, I will try and answer some of the common questions players have when a server resets.

Q. Why are you resetting?
A. After a server runs for long enough, some players get to the top, stay at the top, and the whole experience is drained of a majority of its fun. We feel that a reset allows new players to experience the server the way it was from the beginning, as well as allowing some old members to start over from scratch.

Q. Will I lose my rank?
A. Nope! During a reset, we wipe basically all other data, though. Players will keep ranks, and kits. Realms, balances, inventories, etc. will be removed and all players will start over.

Q. Will there be another reboot at any point in time?
A. It's possible! Given the point the economy has reached (whether it be to some very dedicated players or some very nasty dupe bugs), a reset is the best way to get everything flowing again and allow players to have fun. It's also our perfect opportunity to change up the server a bit and see how you guys like it!

Over time, we've learned quite a lot from our experience running this server and with the help of you guys. With this knowledge, we plan on bettering this server and making it an overall more fun experience for all of our players. We hope this reflects well with the updates that you will all be seeing shortly.

If you have any questions that weren't answered, feel free to ask a staff member. We're excited for you all to see what we have in store after the reset, and we hope you enjoy!
I look forward to the reset, it will give new players a chance to see the server as it was intended to be seen.

Also, who wants to help me race for a beacon to clear out my new realm :p