[09/05/17] Duels!

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Hey everyone, today we have a much requested feature for you all, duels! Read on to learn more about this great update.

Duels are a safe way for you to fight your friends (or enemies!) in a 1v1 battle to the death. You will NOT drop your items when you die in a duel, though any consumables (food, potions, etc) will be consumed if used during a fight.

There are two types of duels available, friendly and bet. In a friendly duel, nothing is lost. In a bet duel, both players agree to put an amount of money up ($1k, 10k, 100k, 1 mil or 10 mil). The winner will receive 90% of the cumulative bet and the loser will lose their money.

For example, if you fight me in a $1 mill bet duel and I win, I would get $1.8 mil and you would lose your $1 mil.

DO NOT fight bet duels if you don't want to risk losing your money.

/duel challenge (player) - challenge a player to a duel
/duel accept (player) - accept a duel challenge

As of right now you can only duel on realm servers, not spawns. The player you wish to duel must also be on your same server.

New Name Tags
We've added 6 new, mostly user suggested, nametags for you to obtain!

$$$, No IRLs and Crazy can be purchased in the store HERE.


WitchSlayer, GolemSlayer and Dragon can each be earned as rare loot from their respective corresponding bosses.


Happy fighting and good luck in your future duels!
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This is on amazing update I am sure the server and community will get loads of enjoyment out of this update! great work Mac, Deci, and the staff team!