[08/25/2017] Realm Permissions

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Aug 19, 2017
England :D
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Realm permissions, a much requested feature, is here for you all! Read on to learn more about this new feature and how to make the most of it for your realm.

Realm Ranks
There are three (four if you count owner) ranks for realm members now. Invited members will default to being 'Member' rank. More information on each rank can be found below.

Can build and place only limited blocks. Cannot interact with chests and other items. Members cannot, for example, break chests or spawners.

Full list of blocks members cannot place, break or interact with - sign, chest, lava, water, dispenser, dropper, hopper, redstone, mob spawner, and end crystals.

Can build and place fully. Can interact with chests. A guard is essentially what previous invited members were. Only give this to friends and players you trust!

Sort of a co-owner. Managers can do everything a guard can and can also invite new members to the realm. They cannot promote members though, only the realm owner can do that.

If you are a manager of a realm, you have to be at that realm when you do /realm invite to invite to that realm, otherwise it will invite to your main realm.

The owner is the original starter of the realm. This rank cannot be changed.

Realm Rank Management
In order to manage your realm members and ranks, simply do /realm members and click on a player head. This will open a menu where you can set their rank or remove them from your realm entirely. Inviting members is still done the same way, with /realm invite [player].

Please be careful with who you invite and give permissions to. If you invite someone and give them permission to steal things from your realm, you will not get those items back!

Realm Banning
Ever wanted to prevent just one player from coming to your realm without setting the entire realm to private? Now you can with /realm ban! This will prevent that player from coming to your realm, even if it is public.

You can manage your list of banned players with /realm bans.

These new features will let you create more effective and well managed groups on your realms. Enjoy!
You guys need to fix the message that comes up when you try buy something or right/left click any block when you're not even invited to someones realm, this is annoying for profit shops.If this is supposed to be like that (Which I doubt) you should at least make it that if the player is invited and is a normal member with no 'guard' rank or anything thats only when the mssg should come up.


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Aug 26, 2017
I don't like that you cannot use Crafting Tables on random Realms as a visitor. If you wanna craft a little thing it might be a problem, specialy for members without a rank!
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