[08/18/2017] New Witch Boss!

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Today we have an awesome new boss for you all to fight! Read on to learn more about the Witch boss.

Witch Boss
Many of you have enjoyed the challenge of the Iron Golem King, but now its time to gear up for a new challenge, the Witch Boss! This new boss is fought in the same arena at spawn as the Golem boss, and rewards are handled the same as well.

The Witch fights in a completely different style than the Iron Golem King, so your previous strategies may not work as well. With brand new exciting abilities, the Witch loves creating as much chaos as possible. Though she is a bit easier than the Golem, the fight will still present an exciting challenge and experience!

If you and your friends are able to defeat her, you'll be rewarded with great loot, including special Witch armor, Witch bow and Witch sword! Good luck in your fight and may you be lucky with your loot!

You can get a Witch Boss Egg from the store HERE!

Iron Golem King Updates
We didn't forget about the good old Iron Golem King! We've made him just a bit stronger (or maybe a lot stronger, you'll have to fight one to find out!) as well as buffed the loot that he drops!

We are also giving away one Witch Boss Egg to one lucky winner! Enter HERE!

Good luck in all your boss fights!