[04/15/2017] Easter Update and Sale!

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Happy Easter everyone!

To celebrate the holiday everything in the store is 25% off for this weekend only! Get that rank or Gkit you've been wanting HERE.

In addition to the sale, we're doing a rank upgrade on Twitter! Just retweet THIS tweet for your chance to win!

Easter Event
Starting now and through Monday, you'll be able to find Easter Eggs in warzone chests. If you manage to collect 15, you'll be able to exchange them for an exclusive Easter realm theme at the Easter Bunny, found at spawn. Be careful though, if you die in the warzone your killer will collect your eggs!


Once you unlock the theme, if you are having problems switching to the Easter Realm theme, simply go back to /spawn and then back /home and it should work!

Happy egg hunting!

Full Changelog
- Started Easter Event
- Easter sale (25% off!)
- Added Realm Showcase subforum
- Added Realm Recruitment subforum
- Added new hub with parkour
- Added auto announcements
- Re-enabled anvils
- Added more realm themes, which can be found in keys​
- Re-enabled anvils
Please tell me that you are working on fixing the issue with combining items to improve enchantments and not something you guys did on purpose...
Actually it doesn't I have diamond axe sharpness 4 it's God list of enchant
Large fire ball 4,bleed 4, heavy hand 3 , last stand 3 pickpocket 3, that's it I got lifesteal
4 book bad %s and guys buying lifesteal 4 book or leg dust and reinforced 4 book good %s
And light weight 3 <3 am I God or what