[04/04/2017] Daily Challenges, Twitter and More!

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Hello everyone!

Today we have some great additions and changes to SkyRealms for you all. Read on to learn about them all and be sure to check the bottom of the post for the full changelog!

Daily Challenges
Looking for an extra challenge for an extra reward? Then make sure to log in daily to complete our new daily challenges. When you type /challenges you'll now be given two options, classic SkyBlock challenges and daily challenges.

Every 24 hours there will be three new challenges which you can complete for rewards, such as an epic key. Example challenges might include mine 20 obsidian, win 3 SkyWars games, loot 20 warzone chests.

Once you've complete a challenge and received your epic key, head over to the new Crate Master golem to open your crate. The Crate Master will also open any voting keys you receive from now on.


For those of you who use our Discord, we've added two new channels - #skyrealms and #deals_and_trades. You can use #skyrealms for all server related chat and #deals_and_trades for making trades for in game items.

We've also added a set of Discord rules, which can be found HERE!

If you're not already on the Discord, you can join by clicking HERE!

We now have an official SkyRealms Twitter, which you can find HERE! Make sure to follow for updates, giveaways, flash sales and everything SkyRealms related.

Full changelog
- Added Daily Challenges
- Added beacons and dragon heads to epic key rewards
- Added anti invisibility to spawn and warzone
- Void now kills you in the warzone
- Added /nv to Knight rank and above to toggle night vision
- Nerfed cobblestone sell price by 15%
- Buffed sugar cane sell price by 20%
- We now have a Twitter
- Added two new channels to Discord
- Added Discord rules​
Not sure if this is already known to the staff but I come to do daily challenge today of fishing 20 fish. And it won't count my fish towards the counter. 30 minutes later and still no change. Given up now because don't want to continue to find out I've wasted my time when none of my caught fish has counted. I hope you are aware of this issue and it'll be fixed. Thanks