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    Free redstone help

    Hello my ign is Emoprer_Lizard and I offer free redstone help for anybody who is having trouble or are too lazy too do it themselves I could give lessons on a specific part of redstone if you are having trouble with something like comparators if you don't trust me enough to invite me too your...
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    Resolved /bal

    i tried to check my bal just a minute ago and it said an internal error occurred while attempting this command so I went to spawn to see if I could check my bal in the shop but the only one I could access is spawner shop I am guessing this happened because it is the only shop that doesn't show...
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    Buying legendary books

    i am buying legendary books 1 for 75k if you want to sell me any pm me on discord at Emoprer_Lizard#5828
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    it says i am not whitelisted on the server

    what does it mean by calling me not whitlisted am i banned are they fixing a bug please help
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    Accepted i was miss informed

    1. Minecraft Username:Emoprer_Lizard 2. What were you banned for:selling of renamed spawners 3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of:no i do not i did atempt to sell the 2 renamed monster spawners 4. Who banned you:pawzi 5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned:i...
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    items disapering due to servertransfer glitch

    today i was playing on your server and i was transfering items from one of my frends chest to another frends realm and my inventory changed to one from 2 days ago where i had two golden apples and iron pants on which also means all the items were lost here is a list of all the items 4 stacks of...