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  1. Pikaaaa

    Maze Event!

    Maze Event! Hello players of Skyrealms! It has been a while since there was a server wide event, so I decided to make something big. This is a maze event, however, there will be some parkour at the end just to make it a bit more interesting. The main part of the event is the maze though...
  2. Pikaaaa

    Parkour Event & Giveaway - 25th August

    Parkour Event To celebrate my 14th birthday, I have created this parkour event for the players of Skyrealms! The parkour consists of 3 floors and 199 levels. Each floor, the difficulty increases: Green Floor: Short Quickfire levels Orange Floor: Includes harder jumps Red Floor: Practice Your...
  3. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Spam

    Server: Spawn Offence: Spam Offender: haydencarnie Proof:
  4. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Character Spam

    Server: Home Offence: Character Spam Offender: ItsGarie Proof:
  5. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Character Spam

    Server: Home Offence: Character Spam Offender: iDuxling Proof:
  6. Pikaaaa

    Denied Inappropriate Skin

    Server: Home Name of Offender: alexjtchoi03 Offence: Inappropriate Skin Proof:
  7. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Homophobic word

    Server: Home Name of Offender: OldVintage Offence: Homophobic word Proof:
  8. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Advertisement

    Server: Spawn Name of Offender: juuzou_suzuya295 Offence : Advertisement Proof:
  9. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Spam and Filter Bypass

    Server: Home Name of Offenders: EZgamer50 + GodZxFuRiA Offence Spam + Filter Bypass Proof:
  10. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Server Advertisement

    Server: Spawn Name of Offender: Walliard Offence: Advertisement Proof:
  11. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Spam

    Server: Spawn Name of Offender: BobPenguinMC Offence: Spam Proof:
  12. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Countdown Spam

    Server: Home Name of Offender: Danalf_x3 Offence: Countdown Spam Proof:
  13. Pikaaaa

    Away From Build Contests, Move Towards Events :D

    GG To All Those Who Won... Never Doing Build Contest again... Never Win... Events Are My Kinda Thing... Top 3 In Most Events... One More Thing... #BringBackEndRaids
  14. Pikaaaa

    Accepted oof

    Server: Home Name: Eliasluca Offence: Harassment Proof:
  15. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Swearing

    Server: Home Name of Offender: Offence: Swearing / Bullying Proof: Calling me "pokeshit" for killing him in warzone, then starts to be a little nut and says that russians can't spell (and obviously he has to go and assume my gender xD):
  16. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Bypassing Spam Filter

    Server: Home Offender: Xx_CRIMI_xX Offence: Spam Proof:
  17. Pikaaaa

    Pikachu1185's Build Contest Realm Showcase :D

    I have started to build my spaceship, at first I thought it would look a little like a doughnut, but I added part of the viewing pods and its starting to look a little more like a spaceship :D Here is how it looks like right now: I will be adding more to it later on, you can check it out. Just...
  18. Pikaaaa

    Denied Am I allowed to Report this? lol

    Server: Home Name of Offender: PatP Offence: Filter Bypass Proof:
  19. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Reporting a report :P

    Server: Home Name: Baconboi21 Offence: Harrassment Proof: "So die in hell iismelloii"
  20. Pikaaaa

    Accepted Racism

    Server: Home Name: SlowPainFulDeath Offence: Racism Proof: