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  1. WizardStakes

    Where I think SkyRealms is...

    +1000000 Every single thing he said is true.
  2. WizardStakes

    The 666 staying strong.

    The 666 staying strong.
  3. WizardStakes

    RESET. Season 3.0 now begins!

  4. WizardStakes

    Suggestions for the reset.

    Small update (can't edit ;( ) I like where Ink Sac's are now, rare. However if mob spawning was enabled along with us being able to change the biome of our island, artificial squid farms could be made. Nether: So I read through suggestions on the discord and people wanted changes to the...
  5. WizardStakes

    Suggestions for the reset.

    Hello Skyrealms community! I just wanted to share a few idea's/suggestions on how to make Skyrealms better for the 2nd reset! Mobs: Enable mobs again! You should be able to enable/disable mobs on your island yourself, however they should be enabled overall. With mobs disabled its removes a...
  6. WizardStakes


    Hello skyrealms community! So today I want to talk about events. Till now we have done events and we have never actually asked, what events do you prefer? So I decided to set up a straw poll so you guys can vote on what events you would like to see in the future! Here it is...
  7. WizardStakes

    Pikachu1185's Build Contest Realm Showcase :D

    good job! it looks nice! good luck :)
  8. WizardStakes

    Hide and Seek

    Its going to be on /Visit PatP
  9. WizardStakes

    Hide and Seek

    have fun everybody <3
  10. WizardStakes

    Prestige Points

    It wouldn't be a problem as they dont refund items or anything else unless you provide proof.
  11. WizardStakes

    Prestige Points

    Hello you awesome people! Im back again with another suggestion for this amazing server! This time I will be talking about "Prestige Points" which Im going to explain now. Prestige Points would be points that you would be able to use in order to gain cosmetics on the server, so its pretty...
  12. WizardStakes

    how to get ranks

    Ranks sometimes come back for the weekends, so keep an eye out :)
  13. WizardStakes

    Cosmic Showdown Beta NOW AVAILABLE on Google Play Store

    its a great game :thumbsup: :)
  14. WizardStakes

    Issa Lexie! :)

    Issa Lexie! :)
  15. WizardStakes

    May the Fourth be with you 0_o

    goooood update :thumbsup:
  16. WizardStakes

    Lost my Island

    When was the last time that you played? The server reset about half a year ago and everyone had to start over, if the last time you logged on was before the reset, then your realm was reset along with everyone's else.
  17. WizardStakes

    Back again

    Welcome back bb <3 Be sure to read the rules that you can find here as there might have been some changes made to them :P , I hope you enjoy your time on the server as we have an awesome community to provide :3
  18. WizardStakes

    Accepted Spam

    Server: /visit WizardStake Offender: Repfile Offense: Spam Proof:
  19. WizardStakes

    Tpahere requests while combat tagged.

    The main bug is that moving doesn't cancel the tpa, this has been reported before, and has been fixed but i noticed it has glitched out again.