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  1. MATTEO4316

    Accepted SergeantFluffers Insult

    Here Proof
  2. MATTEO4316

    Accepted Ip Of Another Server

    /visit andres_2006 Who Do This: andres_2006 Translate: Maybe Im In Another Server Ip: (i will not tell) Proof: P.S The Ip is writed in the right's sign
  3. MATTEO4316

    Denied Harassment

    Staff will not mute him because u tell u are ignoring him and he tell u his discord link, If he want to talk? I think its a ~denied, staff will decide ~StayShredded SCAM IS A PATHETIC EXCUSE TO GET BANNED
  4. MATTEO4316

    Denied Electronicmylan scammer and spammer

    First he scam me in 1v1 my get but it isn't the problem, after when I ask him my set he spam me no
  5. MATTEO4316

    Accepted HeyImOp Swear In Italian!

    HeyImOp swear (watch in google translate..)
  6. MATTEO4316

    Accepted REG swearing and spam in Italian

    I don't want translate its swearing and I do not swear sorry
  7. MATTEO4316

    Accepted Swearing vs Me Michy25 D:

    He's Swearing vs me... plz don't denied this because I doesn't translate but I don't want.... u need only to search in google: google translate and insert that
  8. MATTEO4316

    Accepted Swearing REG271

    He Swear VS Me And Vs zanna! Translate: ZannaWHite of sh**! Head Of Fu**
  9. MATTEO4316

    Accepted Swearing FladdyFly

    FladdyFly Swearing In Italian! Sorry I Doesn't Want To Translate xD Translate You If U Want xD
  10. MATTEO4316

    the blaze rod can sell you too little

    u can sell 2 blaze rod for 1$!!! make price highest!!!
  11. MATTEO4316

    the blaze rod can sell you too little

    blaze rod are unutillies in that server... u can sell 2 for 1$! please we want to sell for more... tip: 2 Blaze Rod 100$ tip: 2 for 100$ #ReportingForLife
  12. MATTEO4316

    Accepted anto2811 swearing vs server!

    anto2811 swear vs server!
  13. MATTEO4316

    Resolved Guys Lord bugged...

    Guys Im Lord And I can't use Mpet turtle.... watch I have a screen.
  14. MATTEO4316


    Ermakino_8 Swear Vs LolliPop (Helper)
  15. MATTEO4316


    Selling 64 Gold For 350 (350$ Per Stack) At ZannaWhite_04 Realm!!! /Visit ZannaWhite_04!!!
  16. MATTEO4316

    Hi! Im Here For Introduce Myself!

    Hi,My Name's Matteo, Matte For Friends. I Like Pizza and sushi and I'm into soccer and football. Im Lord In Server And Im Looking For an irl dealer: lord --> Duke (Rank Upgrades) For 4GG! If u Interesed Comment Here!
  17. MATTEO4316


    Guys we need an update! a tip: DIAMOND SKELETON SPAWNER, EMERALD PIG SPAWNER (thx CatRabbit xD) And More! Please Guys
  18. MATTEO4316


    Lucania swear in Italian (my language) I can traduce and I have screen : UR A FAT AND A SH** BOY UR BAD NOOB
  19. MATTEO4316

    Denied Koltyn scammer

    He scam MrLongFoot: he sell a tag nominate: end raid ticket and he buy it: Koltyn scammer
  20. MATTEO4316

    Resolved Cant connect to server!

    I can't connect to server:$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection : Refused :