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  1. propfhet

    Parkour / Puzzle Event

    Parkour / Puzzle Event Location: @ Applewire's Second Realm Date and Time: Friday May 29th At 7:35 PM EST First Place: Rank Upgrade | [VOID] Nametag | 10 Million Second Place: May Crate | [VOID] Nametag | 15 Million Third Place: 1 Meme Crate | 25 Million Rules No armor or anything that...
  2. propfhet

    April New Pool Party Event!

    April Pool Party Event Time: 7:15 PM EST @xdpropfhet's Realm April 4th, 2020 Prizes: 1st Place: April Crate TWISTER Tag 2nd Place: 1 Random Nametag Crate 3 Legendary Keys 3rd Place: Golem King Boss Egg 5 Epic Keys Rules: No armor/offhand. No Potions. No cheating. Etc. Since this is a new...
  3. propfhet

    March 29th New Parkour Event

    March PK Event Location: xdpropfhet's Realm Date and Time: Sunday March 29th At 7:30 PM EST First Place: March Crate, Bunny Tag Second Place: $10 Store Credit , 2 Legendary Keys Third Place: Wicked Witch Boss Egg, 5 Epic Keys Rules No armor or anything that would give you an advantage in...
  4. propfhet

    November Parkour Event

    November Event Location: FoxFox 2nd Realm Date and Time: Friday November 22nd At 7:00 PM EST First Place: November Crate, Bunny Nametag Second Place: Rainbow Crate, 2 Legendary Keys Third Place: 5 Million, 16 Pumpkin Pies Rules No armor or anything that would give you an advantage in the...
  5. propfhet

    Just because our comments got deleted shouldn't mean his appeal gets accepted

    Okay so Ducky, I still want to elaborate on you. Why would you ban evade in the first place? Why would you dox in the first place. Like honestly why make a appeal Because you want to talk to friends? You can just talk to them over discord instead of spending time doxing people like come on...
  6. propfhet

    Denied AFK Miner

    1. Server (e.g Spawn/Home): Home ./visit Yeaster_bunny 2. Minecraft name (of offender): Yeaster_bunny 3. Offense committed: AFK Mining 4. Proof: