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  1. TheTeaGuns

    [09/15/2017] Super Creeper Spawners and the Return of End Raids!

    Creeper Spawners Many of you already noticed that we added normal creeper spawners to the spawner shop for $400k earlier this week, but today we've got a brand new Super Creeper spawner for you, available from Professor Manton. Just like the improved Iron Golem spawners, the Super Creeper...
  2. TheTeaGuns

    [09/05/17] Duels!

    This is a known issue atm, because you can't damage your friends.
  3. TheTeaGuns

    [09/05/17] Duels!

    Hey everyone, today we have a much requested feature for you all, duels! Read on to learn more about this great update. Duels Duels are a safe way for you to fight your friends (or enemies!) in a 1v1 battle to the death. You will NOT drop your items when you die in a duel, though any...
  4. TheTeaGuns

    Suggest a Name Tag

    I know many of you have had suggestions for new name tags, so use this thread to suggest some new ones and maybe if yours is good enough you'll see it added in game! Keep in mind that SUPER specific nametags probably won't work. We need some good ideas for ones that will appeal to lots of...
  5. TheTeaGuns

    [08/25/2017] Realm Permissions

    Read the post, it answers your question.
  6. TheTeaGuns

    [08/25/2017] Realm Permissions

    No, this wouldn't change that.
  7. TheTeaGuns

    [08/25/2017] Realm Permissions

    Realm permissions, a much requested feature, is here for you all! Read on to learn more about this new feature and how to make the most of it for your realm. Realm Ranks There are three (four if you count owner) ranks for realm members now. Invited members will default to being 'Member' rank...
  8. TheTeaGuns

    [08/18/2017] New Witch Boss!

    Today we have an awesome new boss for you all to fight! Read on to learn more about the Witch boss. Witch Boss Many of you have enjoyed the challenge of the Iron Golem King, but now its time to gear up for a new challenge, the Witch Boss! This new boss is fought in the same arena at spawn as...
  9. TheTeaGuns

    [08/09/2017] Fight the Dragon in the End Raid!

    If you've enjoyed fighting the Iron Golem King boss, then you're going to love this update! You can now take on the Ender Dragon in a fully custom End Raid battle with your friends. Read on to learn more! You can win an End Raid ticket by following this link! End Raid Tickets In order to start...
  10. TheTeaGuns

    [7/21/2017] Custom IG Spawners!

    Hey everyone, you now have new ways for you to make farms and profit shops with two new custom mob spawners! Read on to learn more about these awesome custom additions. These spawners can only be obtained from a special NPC at spawn named Professor Manton, as seen in the image below. He will...
  11. TheTeaGuns

    [07/16/2017] Discord Improvements!

    As most of you are already aware, SkyRealms has an awesome Discord community. If you didn’t know, see the bottom of this post for how to join the ever growing group where you can learn about updates, talk to staff, hang out with other players and more! Rank on Discord If you have a rank in...
  12. TheTeaGuns

    [6/23/2017] 1.12!

    Many of you have asked for it, and its finally here. Full 1.12 support has come to SkyRealms! Read on to find out more about what this means and what new features it brings. New Blocks 1.11 and 1.12 brought a lot of great new blocks to Minecraft, and now you can use all of them in SkyRealms...
  13. TheTeaGuns

    [6/16/2017] The Wither Comes to SkyRealms

    A few weeks ago we added the Nether, but what is the Nether without the Wither for you to take on? The Wither is now here for you to fight! Grab 4 soulsand and 3 wither skulls and head to the Nether with your friends and your good gear and prepare for a challenge. The SkyRealms Wither is...
  14. TheTeaGuns

    [6/12/2017] Boss Fights!

    Hey everyone, we've got a great update for you all today, all about fighting epic bosses for epic loot! Read on for more information. Are normal mobs and their loot just not cutting it for you? Are you looking for a bigger challenge to take on with friends in exchange for a chance at greater...
  15. TheTeaGuns

    [6/5/2017] Daily Tournaments

    Hey everyone! We've got some great updates for you with daily tournaments. Read on to learn more! Daily Tournaments Daily Tournaments offer a new way to challenge yourself daily and earn legendary rewards! Just like daily challenges, there will be three new tournaments each day. Each tournament...
  16. TheTeaGuns

    [5/26/2017] The Nether, Balances and More!

    Hey everyone! We've got some major updates and balance changes for SkyRealms for you all today. Read on to learn more about the Nether, enchant balances, legendary keys and more! The Nether The nether is a classic Minecraft realm, and now you can visit it in SkyRealms! Simply construct a...
  17. TheTeaGuns

    [5/19/2017] Sponsored Realms!

    Hey everyone, We've got some fun updates for you this week. Read on to find out more info on sponsored realms and name tags! Sponsored Realms Top realms is a great way for your realm to get more attention and more visitors (and more visitors means more sales in your shops!), but it can...
  18. TheTeaGuns

    [5/12/2017] Skywars Update, Realm Themes, Trading and More!

    Hey everyone! We've got a ton of updates including SkyWars, new realm themes, new chest shops and more for you all today. Read on to learn all about these updates! SkyWars We've made tons of changes to SkyWars to make it an epic game that you'll all enjoy playing! Many of the changes are...
  19. TheTeaGuns


    Duped items were found on your realm, and you were a part of Xyogame's realm with access to the duped items. You did nothing to attempt to report the duper(s) and were implicit in their actions. Offence: Illegal Items/Renaming spawners Punishment: Discretionary (Items taken/Permanent ban) Denied.
  20. TheTeaGuns

    [04/21/2017] Top Realms, Bug Fixes, and More!

    Hey everyone! We've got a bunch of cool new features and great bug fixes for you all this week. Read on to learn about all the changes and updates of the past 7 days. Top Realms Ever wanted to show appreciation for someone with an epic realm? Or wanted to show your epic realm off to more...