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  1. Pat

    January 17th Update - Introducing Sky Pass!

    Great work on the update Cake!
  2. Pat

    October 25th, 2019 - Halloween Event!

    Hello everyone, today we have the start of the Halloween Event for you guys! Find out all the info about it below. Spooky Themed Spawn & WarZone Both the spawn AND the WarZone have been spookified thanks to the wonderful EternalSky. Check it out yourself by going to the /spawn! Halloween...
  3. Pat

    May 10th, 2019 - Dueling System, THREE New Crates + Some Buffs and Nerfs!

    Hello everyone! Today we have some small additions we hope you guys enjoy! Duels Today we introduce the ability to duel other players! This Duel system IS NOT the same one as previous seasons. We tried this system on our Prison server and it worked out pretty well, so we are now introducing it...
  4. Pat

    Custom Spawners Return, Coin Flip Gambling + small shop changes. 04/12/19

    Hello people, today we have some additions and changes to the server for you to enjoy. Added Spawners & Custom Spawners We have added some normal spawners to the shop as well as 5 Custom Spawners through the "Trade Up" NPC at /spawn. Normal Spawners Added The following spawners can be found in...
  5. Pat

    New Name Tags, Build Contest, Parkour Event + more.

    Hello everyone, we have some additions for you, upcoming events + some balance changes. Check out the interview I gave to a site called Angry Mob at the bottom of the post. I have never done one before, so go easy on me. :) Also at the bottom, we have a poll for people to participate in if you...
  6. Pat

    Holiday Sales!

    HOLIDAY SALES SPECIAL Christmas is right around the corner.. So we will be starting the beginning of our Holiday Sales Special! It will function much like the Black Friday Special we did, so make sure to check each day to see what’s for grabs. The Sales will begin tonight (technically tomorrow)...
  7. Pat

    2018 Christmas Event, Build Contest Winners + New Crate!

    Hello everyone! Today is the start of the 2018 Christmas event along with a couple other additions! Read below to learn about it all. 2018 Christmas Event Much like the Halloween Event we held, we are having a similar Christmas event on the server! This one will be a little different because it...
  8. Pat

    Black Friday Sales Special!

    This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the states which means Black Friday is right around the corner! We will be having a Black Friday Sales Special on the store beginning tomorrow. The Black Friday Special will begin Wednesday at 12:00am EST (tonight @ midnight) and go through Sunday 11:59PM EST...
  9. Pat

    Theme Build Contest, More Advancements, Repair Scrolls + small fixes/additions! 11/19/18

    Howdy everyone, here are the updates to the server. Hope you enjoy! Tier 5 Advancements With the introduction of the harder Nether we decided to add a 5th tier of Advancements for those of you that enjoy them. Tier 5 Advancements have the same setup as all previous tiers with more money and EXP...
  10. Pat

    Nether, Scrapping Armor + New Rank! - 11/09/18

    Hello everyone. Today we have finished working on a couple things you guys have been asking for since the beginning of Season 3. We hope you guys enjoy these additions. :) Nether The nether has been added back to the server! As usual, you can access the nether the same way you could before. For...
  11. Pat

    Small Additions - 10/23/18

    A small little update came over night, and here is the post explaining the additions/changes. Voting Voting is back on the server! If you would like to vote for the server, you can do so using the /vote command in game. Doing the /vote command should bring up this menu; Book and Quill - Click...
  12. Pat

    RESET. Season 3.0 now begins!

    Economy/Price Changes Shop Changes If you check out the shops at /spawn, you will see most of the items prices are the same. However, there are some additions and some changes. A couple items have been added to the shop, and a couple removed. - You can now sell ores/mined minerals in block...
  13. Pat

    RESET. Season 3.0 now begins!

    Hello! Today, the server has opened after the RESET! This will mark the beginning of Season 3 on SkyRealms. With the new reset, there comes many changes. Most of which involves balance changes. This will mark the start of a fresh economy that has hopefully changed since last season. If you're...
  14. Pat


    Hello! Yesterday was the end the of @gtstarwars ' JUMBO GIVEAWAY. So, that means that today we have the winners to announce! Winners were chosen by Random Number Generation, with all usernames who entered on the list as possible results. Now! For the winners.. Drum roll please.... 1st -...
  15. Pat


    Hello! Today we have a very special giveaway brought to you by @gtstarwars! This is a giveaway he wanted to do for the players of SkyRealms! Least he could do am I right? ;) The giveaway will end in 10 days (Friday, May 11th) and there is a total of 10 winners chosen! You can view the 10...
  16. Pat

    Denied Am I allowed to Report this? lol

    Admin abuse at it's finest. Denied.
  17. Pat

    Congrats on the ego boost. ;)

    Congrats on the ego boost. ;)
  18. Pat

    Goodbye sweet prince.

    Goodbye sweet prince.
  19. Pat


    Tomorrow I will allow access to toggle the snow. The fireworks shouldn't be lagging you.. They're not that intensive, and they unload when far away. The snow, I can understand.