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  1. SovientLion_

    Realm Building themes.

    floating island @WizardStakes
  2. SovientLion_

    Events and Boosts

    It is a good suggestion! :) Some of them are way too op and can disturb the server economy. That is my opinion about it :)
  3. SovientLion_


    hello Kazuna, Welcome and have great time here. :)
  4. SovientLion_

    Hey Jenny, Congrats and welcome to skyrealms. :)

    Hey Jenny, Congrats and welcome to skyrealms. :)
  5. SovientLion_


    This Idea has been denied several times and it will not be accepted in the mere future. :)
  6. SovientLion_

    Resolved shop needs fix

    hey staff, I am a non-ranked player on the server and i got a dragon pants from my friend.....i know that i cant use it but when i tried to sell it using the chest said....(look in the photo).....can this please be fixed
  7. SovientLion_

    Resolved Duel bugging

    As we see in the photo i am still in my realm but the duel is going on....This happened thrice
  8. SovientLion_


    I think this server needs a command called /shop where u can buy or sell any item with a snap of a command instead of going to spawn all the time!! :D Who agrees with this. if the server admins wants they can make it for a particular ranks or make it for all.
  9. SovientLion_

    Accepted Advertising, misuing rank perk of colour code and death threat

    this happend :home the person who should be banned: ZeTaRd proof: i attached the photo i warned in the first but he kept saying i dont care......he is fooling everyone using his color code ability.....saying u received money.........saying *** when others said its fake.....advertising his server
  10. SovientLion_

    what is the cost for default to hero in game money....irl trade?

    please someone help out on this topic......i asked many people what is the cost......some say its 1.5mil and other 4 mil....please help
  11. SovientLion_

    a doubt

    Dear staff, Is it okay if we team in warzone with our friends.:) if not, i think there should be a team/gang type system should be introduced. It should be like there is a team leader who is the creator of the team and he can give permission to other players accordingly. i think this will...
  12. SovientLion_

    Is It Fair?

    hi people, if u guys watch SSundee(a great and famous youtuber) he posted a vedio and in that vedio he exploited the server to his advantage and this is against the server rules. what do u guys think?!!