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  1. CakeSpace

    Accepted My ban appeal

    Hello Bcoffel. Thank you for creating this appeal, and if this is true that NoHacksJustBunny no longer has access to your alternative account, then your rank on your main account has been switched to your alt and you should be more than fine to play. I would highly suggest you contact Mojang...
  2. CakeSpace

    Accepted My appeal

    Hello dragonboy537. Thank you for admitting to your mistakes and acknowledging that what you attempted to do was against the Rules that you did not know at the time. I'm more than willing to unban your account seeing as this is your first punishment for this season, especially if you have...
  3. CakeSpace

    Accepted My ban appeal

    Thank you for agreeing to my conditions, and I will uphold my end of the agreement. Your account will now be unbanned, and please do not let an issue like this happen again. You will also be unbanned on JailBreakMC & Pitforge. - Accepted
  4. CakeSpace

    Accepted My ban appeal

    Hello TheBizShow. We take DDoS Threats very seriously, and you will not be let off lightly due to your actions. You say over the past few weeks when you created this appeal that you have learned how to control your emotions, and I do hope that is true, however there is one issue I have with...
  5. CakeSpace

    Accepted MY ban appeal

    Hello WheatBag. I believe your story of you being the brother to the account now named LightFudge, which you will be unbanned for. However, there is another issue regarding your alt username. That is definitely something we would consider inappropriate, and I highly suggest you change it to...
  6. CakeSpace

    Accepted My Ban Appeal

    Your account has now been unbanned. Please do not rename your account to anything that we would consider inappropriate in the future, otherwise you will be punished again. Your account will be unbanned shortly. - Accepted
  7. CakeSpace

    Winter 2020 Event & Ice Cold Mining TOURNAMENT!

    Winter Wonderland What is the Winter Wonderland? Well, it's a new custom snowy landscape added to the server for the event! In the Winter Wonderland, there is a lot to worry about, especially with the original inhabitants still living there! How do you get to the Winter Wonderland? Simply type...
  8. CakeSpace

    Fantasy Build Contest 2020

    We are finally releasing the Winners of the Fantasy Build Contest 2020! From what we saw there were some beautiful builds and we would like to thank everyone that participated! Here are the Winners! 1ST PLACE WINNER: 30Pigs PRIZE: $75 SkyRealms Store Coupon + [Architect] Name Tag 2ND PLACE...
  9. CakeSpace

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Please reply within 24 hours, otherwise we will consider this appeal abandoned.
  10. CakeSpace

    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    Thank you very much for your co-operation with your Appeal. I'm more than happy to now unban your account from the Discord. Please make sure a situation like this does not occur again, otherwise we will not be as lenient as we have been in this appeal in the future. - Accepted
  11. CakeSpace

    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    Hey again! Thank you for providing another reason to be unbanned, now knowing what you were banned for specifically. You definitely should have asked a Staff member before inviting players from the SkyRealms Discord to a Party/Karaoke Server. We punish for any form of advertisement that may...
  12. CakeSpace

    Denied ban appeal

    Hello hbp15. I really don't believe you should be unbanned and the main reason why is due to the fact that this is your second permanent ban. Your first permanent ban was for IRL Scamming, and you were unbanned after you agreed to my two conditions that were A: To read the full Official Server...
  13. CakeSpace

    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    You're more than free to make another "Why do you believe you should be unbanned" reason in this appeal.
  14. CakeSpace

    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    I now see that account is banned for Advertising via PMs, which means you advertised another MC/Discord Server to other members in the SkyRealms Discord through PMs.
  15. CakeSpace

    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    Hey again! I have checked our bans and searched your Username, however I'm unable to find any player named M_ku that is banned from the Discord Server. Have you had any previous Discord Usernames that I could try and search?
  16. CakeSpace

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Hello Naxel_. I have checked your IP history and it seems your account has had the same IP from August 2018 to May 2019 when you were banned. This wouldn't explain that your friend had your account on their PC, otherwise your IP would have changed on the day that you were banned or prior to...
  17. CakeSpace

    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    Hello M_ku. It doesn't appear that you are currently banned. If you are, please try and join the Server and check for the ban reason/who banned you. If you are not banned, please reply to this appeal.
  18. CakeSpace

    Accepted "Ban Evasion" Ban for Shpiriki

    Hello Shpiriki. Now that is quite the story, however from the explanation you gave I actually have no concerns that you are one of the people who were being derogatory or racist. You were only banned for Ban Evasion, as it is protocol to punish any other accounts on a singular IP with the same...
  19. CakeSpace

    Denied discord appeal

    You have 24 hours to reply to this Ban Appeal, otherwise it will be considered abandoned and be denied.
  20. CakeSpace

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Hello again and apologies for the late reply. Thank you very much for your patience and co-operation with this Ban Appeal. I'm very happy to hear that you will ask any questions to a Staff member before doing something and I appreciate the reassurance that it won't happen again. I'm more than...