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  1. Team1up

    Banner Maker

    Issue: My /bm (banner maker) is not letting me go on page 2 for some reason. This has been going on for a little while. I made a previous report on discord about it but received no reply. I am able to go to page 1 and then only to page 3 when I back out and do /bm again. Screenshots provided
  2. Team1up

    Accepted Homophobic Slur

    Player: DabidoWeeb 1 Offense: Homophobic Slurs and threats - called someone a homophobic slur and then made religious threats to people that didn't believe it was by accident. Proof: Screenshots
  3. Team1up

    Accepted Advertising

    Player: sarahsfr01 Location: Forums - General Discussions Offense: inappropriate advertising/links
  4. Team1up

    Accepted Inappropriate Discussion and advertising

    Player: zazuuuki Offense: Inappropriate discussion and advertising of inappropriate websites Location: Spawn Proof: Screenshot
  5. Team1up

    Accepted Harassment

    Player: Tudge Offense: Harassment - called me a hoe for no reason at all Proof: screenshot
  6. Team1up

    Denied Server Bashing

    Player: Paraballs Offense: Server bashing, homophobic slurs, inappropriate comments/language Proof: Screenshots
  7. Team1up

    Accepted Harassment

    Player: RunItDownMidT1 Location: 2nd server Offense: Harassment - referring to a player that speaks German as a Nazi Proof: Screenshot....I don't speak German so I don't know all that was said but it was pretty clear in the conversation that it was hate messages and that the other person was...
  8. Team1up

    Accepted Advertising

    Player: MiningDudeLego Offense: Advertising - advertising to get players to switch to Hypixel rather than playing Skyrealms Proof: Screenshot
  9. Team1up

    Accepted Language. Homophobic and racial Slurs

    Player: __Clicky Offense: Language, Homophobic and racial slurs Proof: Screenshots
  10. Team1up

    Accepted Inappropriate comments

    Player: evsand1 and pyattnt Offense: Inappropriate/racial comments (Hitler references), language, homophoci slurs, etc. Proof: Screenshots
  11. Team1up

    Accepted Jaxsonsidoruk Homophobic Slurs

    Player: Jaxsonsidoruk Homophobic Slurs Offense: Homophobic Slurs Proof: Screenshot
  12. Team1up

    Accepted Homophobic/Racial Slurs

    Player: NetFort Offense: Homophobic and racial slurs and inappropriate language Proof: Screenshots
  13. Team1up

    Accepted DJdrummies swearing and homophobic slurs

    Player: DJdrummies Offense: Homophobic slurs and swearing at other players Proof: See Screenshots
  14. Team1up

    Accepted Banned From Skyrealms Discord for Unknown reason

    I have apparently been banned from the Skyrealms Discord server. Discord name: Team1up#5906 Reason: Unknown Any evidence against: No, when I tried to log on it just says I've been banned Who banned you: No idea Reason I should be unbanned: I logged onto Discord to make a player report and...
  15. Team1up

    Resolved Advancements Not Showing Up

    ok so I changed my controls because I had the L button set up for my schematics so now I can bring up the menu in the screenshot. But it still only shows Tier 1 when I already finished all of those. I'm not sure where to go from here or see what my progress is because it doesn't say for...
  16. Team1up

    Resolved Advancements Not Showing Up

    Just wondering if anyone has looked into this issue and why I still can't access my advancements after finishing only Tier 1? Thanks guys -Team1up
  17. Team1up

    Resolved Advancements Not Showing Up

    I recently finished a bunch of the Advancements from Tier anytime I do /adv or go to spawn and click on advancements there it comes up blank and won't let me complete any beyond Tier 1. The last ones I completed were the melon and eating baked potato ones. I was told by others that...
  18. Team1up

    Sheep Disappearing

    ok thanks I'll give that a try and see how it goes
  19. Team1up

    Sheep Disappearing

    Over the past week or so I've had an issue with my sheep disappearing. The first time all my sheep disappeared at once and I had to buy all new sheep and now this time a few at a time have disappeared. For example, I had a few with red wool and now I don't have any with red wool at all as seen...
  20. Team1up

    Accepted Language

    Player: Tr0nDraws Offense: language, bypassing filter Proof: Screenshot