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    Resolved I am not able to get on the server

    I cannot get on the server, all it does is send to me the mini server where the players can wait while the server is down.
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    Selling PvP Ready Gear

    Selling a chestplate and pants that are ready for warzone. Message me in game, MightyNeptunus. Selling for 2 million each.
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    This little son of a gun scammed me out of a god set, plus an amazing sword, AANNDD my bow. SO NO ONE TRUST THIS GUY!
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    Selling GG Spawner

    Visit my realm to buy an GG spawner. Its for sell at the price of 3 million. Price of 7 IG is 4.9 million, so 1.9 million discount.
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    This Trade?

    Is trading in game items for a Minecraft CD key illegal?
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    IRL Deals

    Doing IRL deals. Post what you rank and what I will get in get in return.
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    Buying Silk Touch

    Buying silk touch book only! i will pay 150 no matter the success rate. Message me here.
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    Denied Rengarun Selling Renamed Spawnsers

    1. Server: 2. Minecraft name (of offender): Rengarum 3. Offense committed: Changed the name of spawners 4. Proof: Video Proof
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    IRL Trade: Hero Rank

    Sorry. Already took an order. In 2 weeks I'll offer again
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    IRL Trade: Hero Rank

    Deacon. Ur offer still stand?
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    Sorry For Another Thread

    I was reading through the list of allowed/p4ohibited mods, and it says macros (mouse/client). So is Razer synapse allowed? I use Razer synapse to increase mouse movement speed l. That's it.
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    IRL Trade: Hero Rank

    Trading hero rank for stuff. Post offers here
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    So Are mouse gaming programs like Razer synapse allowed if autoclickers are not allowed? I cannot stand slow mouse while playing games. BTW your reply to my last forum was unsatisfactory, why would you treat you players like there numbers? And on top of that paying players? All I got was "It...
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    Right Forum? Auto Clickers Discusion

    I was wondering if we can use macros to place down blocks. Its kind of an subject that I am not clearly seeing as others do. But if we can't use them then why not? I use this all the time in offline mode. And i have to catch myself when i am using it online. So I am sorry in advance Admins. Its...
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    Denied Ban for Auto Clickers

    1. Minecraft Username: MightyNeptunus 2. What were you banned for: Autoclicking Shops 3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No 4. Who banned you: Biffywig 5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: I only use auto clicking for building, and for shops. Not for...