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    Accepted I don t said nothing

    pls, unban me, this is my first perm ban, can i have a second chance? i promit that i will never do it again, and i will never a break a rule, promise
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    Accepted I don t said nothing

    No1 still answered, good Easter holidays
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    Hey Pat, can u check out the chat of the 28/03/2018 and say to the admin that i havn t said...

    Hey Pat, can u check out the chat of the 28/03/2018 and say to the admin that i havn t said anything about the personal infromation of a player?
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    Accepted I don t said nothing

    D3adlyHaNd Release of personal information No CakeSpace Hi, i don t release any personal information, i said only "if u want i can say u his mobile phone sumber xD" than i sadi "i can t do it, it s bannable" so i don t said anything, why i get banned?
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    Hi, I would like to volunteer for the translation into Italian of the different texts on your site
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    Cacti and Scane

    Hi, the price per stack of cacti and scane has been nerfed, probably this has been done for down the server economy, but if you down the server economy the people will do less irl deals, and u will start to lose a lot of real money, so i want to propose to restore the price of the cacti and the...
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    Resolved Realm theme

    Before the big update from a legendary key i founded the mushroom realm theme, but now i don t have it, why?
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    Resolved can t log on

    When i click join the server it say Loading terrain for something like 20sec, then it say Lost connection
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    Resolved Glitched person

    Pls help, i was buying my 6th ggs, when i want to my realm for Place it all my ggs are disappared, i m the only one in my realm pls help me
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    Resolved Super Creeper Spawner

    The creeper that spawn from the super creeper spawner doesn t drop legendary dust
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    Resolved Lobby bug

    why the lobby is full of books?
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    Resolved Bug with the shop

    I have just done a shop with w ggs inside, than i have invited a "my friend" when i go afk he stole all my ggs from the shop, why?
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    Resolved i can t enter

    why i can t enter in the server???????
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    Resolved Epic Book

    I have just bought an epic book with my experience, but when i opened it has become a common book
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    Resolved The wither doesn t spawn

    i have checked my internet and my minecraft versions, it s all ok, but i can t spaw the wither