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    MGMasterJD is Big bad

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    Denied Staff Disrespect

    1) Second Server 2) ZN_OKs 3) Staff Disrespect 4)
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    Accepted Inappropriate Content: Told me to Die

    I would like to report Swagger1233 for inappropriate Content, he told me to suicide. At the time I was at Treborwhite09 realm (the second one) I was chatting with him, being a little mean though but he deserved it he stole my friends igs, ggs, zombie spawners, hoppers, and scammed many people...
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    Accepted Umm I am not sure what to call the title Sorry?

    1)I was at my realm when I saw this 2)MagmaLikesFood 3)Saying Gay 4)Proof:
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    Accepted Inappropriate content

    1)I was at my realm 2)TheHijacker007 3)talking about how good sex was, and I am not going into too much details 4)