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  1. goldenapple775


    Ok so um like I said in discord beside EndRaid, let there be the hellRaid! The hell raid is kind of similar then the endraid but ofc it's in hell/nether and like like the enderdragon boss why not the wither boss! 3 stages normal then normal-hard then to hard. New season means new things to add...
  2. goldenapple775

    Accepted think i'm not watching

    1. Server (e.g Spawn/Home):/home 2. Minecraft name (of offender): dragoonrider 3. Offense committed: spam and maybe bypass 4. Proof:
  3. goldenapple775

    Accepted What a mouth..

    1. Server (e.g Spawn/Home): /Home 2. Minecraft name (of offender): BaconLovingRobot 3. Offense committed: Cuss,Harass to Bridyfish8 4. Proof: [Imgur]()