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  1. foxfox

    VERY Hard Parkour Event!

    Parkour Event :eek: Objective: :) This parkour event consists of very hard parkour and should be attempted by people who are very skilled at parkour. However, all are still welcomed :). The goal is to complete each parkour jump (there is a checkpoint after each jump) and get to the end. Just...
  2. foxfox

    New Q&A Event!

    New Q&A Event! :) Objective: :p There will be questions in each room, with 3 answers, do your best to answer the questions correctly. If you choose the right doors, you will get to the end (however, some doors may lead to wrong places, even correct doors). Time: :eek: Sunday, Around 3:10 PM...
  3. foxfox

    New Puzzle Event

    Objective::) You must go through the different areas to find 3 different rooms. Each room has signs in them, you must find the hidden code, and message me it. Please do not just send me random messages to guess the code (This will be a rule later). Time::p Monday 2PM PST 5PM EST Sadly we can't...
  4. foxfox

    Parkour Spiral Event!

    Parkour Spiral Event :) This event will be hosted at foxfox's 2nd Realm! (/Visit foxfox) Objective: You must complete the parkour and the top 3 get rewards! Time: Sunday 2pm PST, 5pm EST 1st Place: January Crate, [Bunny] Name Tag, $5 IGM 2nd Place: $10 Million IGM, 3 Legendary keys, [Bunny]...
  5. foxfox

    Maze Event!

    Huge Maze Event! Location: /Visit foxfox's 2nd Realm! Date/Time: Saturday August 17th @ 4pm EST, 1pm PST I am hosting another event for you guys! This time, a huge maze made out of Soul Sand! Rewards: First Place: - $15 Million IGM - August Crate - Legendary Key Second Place: - $10 Million IGM...