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  1. Greg Gavam

    Accepted Greg_Gavam Ban Appeal

    1. Greg_Gavam 2. Chargeback Threats 3. No 4. Nacato 5. I did not know this was against the rules I am very sorry for what I did It was wrong of me to do such a thing nor will I ever do something like this again I apologize to staff and everyone on the server it was not right for me to say...
  2. Greg Gavam

    F1nally5 Is Looking For Staff!

    1. Why would YOU specifically like to join my realm? Because I'm looking to help people and I think it would be fun 2. Who is a personal reference? (Must be a player on sky realms!) CarStar05 and F1nally5 3. How trustworthy are you? (Ask the community!) I would consider my self pretty...