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    possible new item for xMas?

    I had a random thought today that seemed interesting. Who here would like a Super chicken spawner, which spawns chickens that lay golden blocks in item form that can be sucked into hoppers? Kinda like a golden goose
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    Ban baiting ?

    Not sure about this, but thought I would bring it o the moderators attention. I think this person is trying to get people banned by baiting them into accepting known duplicated items. After denying the items he stopped answering me and left.
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    Resolved Professor Manton

    My Realm mate Skylordblue went to exchange our igs for some gold ones at spawn. All went well for 4 of them, and we had 6 IGS remaining, so we bought a 7nth in order to get a 5th GG spawner. However, professor manton claimed we did not have enough golem spawners, but took 6 of them anyway. This...
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    [7/21/2017] Custom IG Spawners!

    I swear if they lower the cost of the GG, i hope we can get our money back for the ones we already bought.
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    Accepted Fly hacking

    Secretly filmed him while invisible ;3. 1. Server /home of ZedMCS 2. Minecraft name (of offender): ZedMCS 3. Offense committed: Fly Hacking 4. Proof:
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    Resolved Power Enchant Broken

    We think power 5 is broken, Below is a link to a video testing the issue, ( .zip file was too big) First, we tested with armor, both a plain bow, and the power 5 bow. Then we also tested without armor.
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    Power Enchant for Bows

    I'm not sure if this is a known issue or not, I tried to search it but the website seemed to be partially down, and said updates were being made. Anyway, i discovered after shooting someone many many times, and then later testing with friends, that power bows seem to be broken. Normal bows do...
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    Id like to report a possible lighting issue on the servers. My friends and I built a skeleton grinder that seemed to be working well until the day time came. The light level was just as bright inside as outside ( 12-15 100% sky, no blocks ) and we got no spawns. Thinking it was due to a half...