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  1. CakeSpace

    Can someone tell me the realm code!? I literally can't find it anywhere and I need to to join because I'm on switch.

    There is no realm code. This is a server for Java Edition of Minecraft. The server IP however is :)
  2. CakeSpace

    black dye ????

    You can obtain ink sacs through fishing, or purchasing them from other players that have them already.
  3. CakeSpace

    Denied An apology

    Hello slayedspider05. Thank you for being open and honest regarding this ban, and saying that you went to read the Rule Book. Where-as you do seem apologetic, I do not allow people to appeal for bans that are temporary. You are going to have to wait out the ban, and in the mean time you can...
  4. CakeSpace


    Ban expired. Moving and locking thread.
  5. CakeSpace

    Accepted I was banished (rightly)

    Thank you for your reply, I will be unbanning your account. - Accepted
  6. CakeSpace

    Accepted Im sorry for what ive done

    Hello Kiyonaaza I'll start off by addressing the concern you posted regarding why you were permanently banned on your first offence. This is because the rules were changed after your ban (Not instantly after your ban). We now do 5 days temporary ban for the first offence, then second offence is...
  7. CakeSpace

    Accepted Marco4803 - Ban Appeal

    That's lovely to hear. In that case, I will be unbanning you. However, you will need to add me on Discord (CakeSpace#8888) so we can arrange a time you can be on at the same time as me, just to check your inventory. As for your questions. Forgery is creating fake evidence/documents such as a...
  8. CakeSpace

    Accepted I was banished (rightly)

    Hello LAMPO. You are not just banned for Anti-Semitism, you are also banned for being involved in the duplication incident that happened with the Blaze Spawners. You did not alert any Staff member regarding the duplication bug until you were banned for a different reason. However, the bug has...
  9. CakeSpace

    Accepted Marco4803 - Ban Appeal

    Hello Marco4803. I'll be handling your appeal. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the admission for possessing the duplicated items. When searching your realm, we did not find many duplicated items, which I suppose corroborates your story here. Secondly, I'm not sure as to why you didn't...
  10. CakeSpace

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Hello Da2Pac. After consulting with my superior, we have decided that TNT will not be an Illegal Item. I will be unbanning you, along with any accounts under your IP. I apologise for the late reply. - Accepted
  11. CakeSpace

    Accepted Wes5 [Ban Evasion]

    Hello there FireHeadx04_PVP. I've checked through yours and Wes5's IP history, and it seems you and him are indeed two separate people. I will be unbanning your account, however Wes5 will stay banned until there is an appeal made for that specific account. I do as well apologise for the late...
  12. CakeSpace

    Accepted Wrongfuly Using igm to purchase things on another game.

    Thank you for your patience and for agreeing to my conditions. I will be unbanning you shortly. - Accepted
  13. CakeSpace

    Accepted Wrongfuly Using igm to purchase things on another game.

    Hello SavagedTimato. Not knowing the rules is not a valid reason to be unbanned, as our Rules our public knowledge and if you had ever needed clarification regarding a rule, you could have contacted any Staff member. However, this is your first ban on the server this season, so I have decided...
  14. CakeSpace

    Denied Ban Appeal I was uneducated.

    Ban expired. Moving thread.
  15. CakeSpace

    August 6th, 2019 - August Crate, Anti-Drop and Summer Build Contest Winners + Some Small Features!

    Hello everyone! Today we have some new features and announcements we hope you enjoy! Summer Build Contest Winners! This has been long overdue and I apologise for the delay on posting the Winners for this Build Contest! Without further delay, here they are! 1st Place: DangerDill 2nd Place...
  16. CakeSpace

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Thank you for the reassurance. As this is your first permanent ban, I have decided to be lenient with this appeal. Under the conditions that you will read the Server Rule Book along with any other Rules we have set in place, then I will be unbanning you. Please do not let another incident...
  17. CakeSpace

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Hello SkilledTqrg3t. Not knowing the rules isn't a valid reason, nor excuse to be unbanned. You could have easily asked a Staff member or referred to the Rule Book which is available in-game through /rules. Please provide a better reason as to why you believe you should be unbanned.
  18. CakeSpace

    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    I checked out your ban, and there is no reason provided in the ban. Due to the fact that there is no reason as to why you are banned, I will be unbanning you under the conditions that you will read the Discord Server Rule Book and any other Rules we have set in place. - Accepted
  19. CakeSpace

    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    Hello Floruce. What is your Discord name and # number?
  20. CakeSpace

    ban appeal

    Already handled. Moving thread.