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  1. Skysword541

    Combat Tagging and Health Indicator

    Combat Tagging doesn't work, the plugin does not work, people can't be combat tagged. I've had 5 people quit on me today when I was just about to kill them. Also the plugin where your health shows above your head doesn't work either.
  2. Skysword541

    Forum Games Section

    Let's have a new section called the "Forum Games" section. Basically in this section, you can create and post your forum games which other people can play. But, they won't count towards your post count either. I've seen this on several servers, and it could bring the community a bit more...
  3. Skysword541


    I'm Sky. I was originally on TitanMC which I started back in 2014. Then quit because everybody moved to OP. Played beta PitForge too, quit a few days into full release. Now I found this server and joined during beta, maybe a week or a few days before full release. I hope that this doesn't turn...
  4. Skysword541

    Server maintenance

    Please, do server maintenance, the server is completely unplayable, all I was trying to do is pick up lava with a bucket and it took me 5 minutes to do it because the server kept lagging. The server has bugs and glitches, people can't enjoy a server that doesn't work right.
  5. Skysword541

    Global Chat

    I don't like how we can't talk to people on another skyblock island server/spawn server. I get that SSundee is here but this system doesn't make sense. I know that we can /visit and then talk but it's too much of a hassle just to msg somebody. I also don't like how we're assigned to a server...