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  • hey pat I was putting away my ebder tiket i just both and my friend clicked he's ender tiket and i was tring to leave buy spawn then i lost all of my eneder tiket plz can i have the teket back or can u give me a refund from lolvfgttv
    Click the green support button and send a support ticket for help on the issue
    Hey Pat, I was playing SkyRealms and someone was offering a spawner, so I accepted. I invited the person (GioSmellsEmma) and then she started putting lava on me and I died and she took all of my stuff. And I just started playing too!! Can you please ban her! Someone else was also saying that she killed them!
    Post a report with valid proof in order for punishment to occur
    pat can you help me im bend that im have a illigale item but im become the item with a bug but dont no how in dont now thet is this a illigale item
    Hi pat, i dont mean to disturb you but i have a problem. My friend ArkBeast072005, was scammed by willie87. I dont like getting people in trouble but this willie guy scammed my friend a lot of money for an ig. he decided to scam 1 igs for 1000000 dollars in the game. so i was wondering if it was possible, i know your busy but it would be nice if you could look into it. Sincerely Jessica or jessicarocks08
    pat can you please grlp me to become an helper for your server. i want to make the server a better place. i have submited a application for helping so can you please take a look at it and see if i can healp the server out it would be an honor. btw username is jagertime21
    Apply then wait 2 weeks, if you don't get a response by then, you were more than likely denied.
    Likes: livoj
    Likes: livoj
    also pat why is scamming allowed?
    before i was hacked i got scammed of 21 igs and it kinda ruined all my fun with your server
    i didn't get a refund from my igs and the guy that scammed me didn't get banned!
    please make it against the rules to scam. and please let people get refunds from helpers and you.
    hello pat
    please let me have a refund on buying hero rank and lord rank.
    i am very dissapointed to see that i was hacked and can no longer get on skyrealms.
    please i want a full refund for my ranks.
    my ingame name is 6gavin.
    My realm border shrunk and now half of my base i cant even use and ill my stuff to make money is rather filled with fake books and quills so i cant get anymore cactus and my nether wart farm is gone basically so plz just help me
    can you read my racial slurs thread,its on the ban forums, i used my account to make the thread for my friend lostgravity
    1. Minecraft Username: LostGravity21
    2. What were you banned for: Racial Slur
    3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: yes, i admit
    4. Who banned you: patP
    5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned:
    i believe that it has a been a while and that i learned my lesson, i wont say anymore slurs, i truly have learned my lesson and want to be able to play skyrealms again, it is fun and i love it
    deci needs to read my thread, me and my brother got banned cause my friend lostgravity got banned, its not fair i wasted my money and i cant play skyrealms no one agrees
    I mean, if your allowed to appeal you can, also donating money doesn't grant you immunity to rules. Every player is equal to the rules.
    im applying for helper...
    and i dont really know how....
    Check out the Staff Applications tab for info on applying for Helper and how to do so
    hey pat I found an auto clicking hacker in alex198123 when you would get close to he/she they would punch you and they were afk
    I have a video showing what he did please respond to this when you read it
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