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  • Hey Pat I have been having this problem on SkyRealms So whenever i go into the war zone there are always no chests I have even waited 15 minutes near where i know a chest spawns but it didn't spawn and i asked some players in the chat and they would say they didn't know why there were no chests in the war zone so I came to you for help and I hope you can fix the problem. My in-game name is Briskcrayfish44
    leedogy_yt ban him he did say I stole something but I didnet and taz_jcs scammed my gold golem spawn and iron golem spawner ban them two players
    I have an extreme formal complaint I bought 2 Gkits on May 6 2017 where in that time (you can probably check) there was a discount foe like 50% or something - I payed with my PayPal and only now did i realize you charged me full price for both. Please hep me figure this out.
    hey pat can u help me with this every time i log on the guard refreshes is that suposed to happen if it is do u mind making it so it does not refresh.
    And i have a friend in game named stebbifrost and every time he invites me it never goes through and i dont get it is there a reason why?
    thx JAck2006Steve
    Hi two of my friends were banned 1 for duplicating when he didn't and the other one for something else and then an admin took my ggs and igs that were at my friends base and thought they were duped but they were mine the friends an admin banned are roccomosdy and sashaflannels please can you reconsider banning them and to give me back my stuff please thank you AgentAwesome002
    i bought a mod spawner from spawn and I didn't get it my inventory I farmed my coco beans for so long for 1 pls fix this I want my money back pat
    Unless you have proof of this happening unfortunately nothing can be done for you. Sorry.
    pat idk if youll see this but sky realms is dieing and wont work so plz fix it lotts of people are sad and mad that its not working to plz fix it
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