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  • P.S.: I loved playing with my son and daughter at SkyRealms ... was a lot of FUN ... would have been these cheaters banned earlier, we would have still played here MAYBE !
    Never ever both (incl their minions, who helped to do all these disgusting stuff - incl. faking evidence to get honest players banned) can be proud of anything they achieved ! Players these 2 ? NO ... not even worth called players ... cheaters and impostors are the 2 easiest words to call them !
    greeting Herakles
    Hi Pat !
    Funny to see sleeprcell perm banned since February 10, 2021 (and gtstarwars since October 19, 2018) when they did the same thing aka cheating the whole server since years ! They build a business for them - at least you can see it now who are the cheaters and who played fair and honest !
    Hello my inventory was glitched and I lost a skygod set of tools, 7 stacks of sand, and 8 stacks of dark oak planks. Is there anyway I can get them back I don't have evidence I had them because I thought this problem was fixed.
    I want to renew my birthdate and I cant it says to PM a admin so I'll pm u. If u can change it to 12/19/2005 ill appreciate it. And also how to change username to iWaters
    PatP, I need ur help.
    Its about Pitforge, I really want to apply for Helper to help the Server out, Help the Players & reply to the Reports in the Forums.
    I never see Staff there, so thats why I want to apply for it. Please message me on Discord or somewhere on the Forums.
    (Disc: Nacktbild#6466)
    Hey Pat, can u check out the chat of the 28/03/2018 and say to the admin that i havn t said anything about the personal infromation of a player?
    Hi pat, can you please help me out? I got banned for chargeback by the console while I was AFK last nigh. I didn't say anything about it and did IRL deals for my purchases. I make a "contact us" message with more details.
    Thanks, BanditBaileyZoe
    The "Contact Us" doesn't work. Use the blue "Help" button at the bottom right of the home page on here.
    Hey Pat I have been having this problem on SkyRealms So whenever i go into the war zone there are always no chests I have even waited 15 minutes near where i know a chest spawns but it didn't spawn and i asked some players in the chat and they would say they didn't know why there were no chests in the war zone so I came to you for help and I hope you can fix the problem. My in-game name is Briskcrayfish44
    leedogy_yt ban him he did say I stole something but I didnet and taz_jcs scammed my gold golem spawn and iron golem spawner ban them two players
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