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    Denied ban appeal

    Peter0127, Thank you for sending an appeal but this appeal will be closed due to 1: being an appeal for a temp ban 2: all appeals don’t get a response till 7days after the punishment as said in Appeal System. - Nova
  2. Nova_Soul

    Denied why i really want to be un banned

    Due to no response this appeal is denied.
  3. Nova_Soul

    Denied why i really want to be un banned

    Please respond within 24 Hours or this appeal will be considered abandoned and will be denied.
  4. Nova_Soul

    Accepted Discord Ban

    Alright thank you for going through the rules I will now unban you. Here is a link to the discord —Accepted
  5. Nova_Soul

    Accepted Discord Ban

    Hello Bubbles825, Please be sure to read the rules located here Discord Rulebook when you are done I will unban you.
  6. Nova_Soul

    Denied why i really want to be un banned

    Hello Peyton0317, Thank you for appealing, if you could please reread the rules located here Server Rulebook and respond saying you have read the Rulebook just to be sure you do not break any other rules and I will unban you and give you another chance.
  7. Nova_Soul

    Accepted discord ban peter0127

    Hello Peter0127, So you were banned on the Discord is what I am getting out of this. There was no listed reason for this punishment so upon rejoining would you do me a favor and read through the discord rules and make sure not to break any for the future. If you can do that for me I will unban...
  8. Nova_Soul

    Noca Co. Recruitment

    》Noca Co. Recruitment《 Requirements: › Must Have Discord › Must Be Active › Must Be Willing to Help Store Locations: Nova_Soul's Second Realm Current Shops: › Wool › Cobble Type Blocks › Concrete › Terracotta › Glass › Pots › Kits [Knight-SkyTitan] More Coming Soon Interested In Joining...
  9. Nova_Soul

    Denied Ban appeal.

    Hello and thank you for your Ban Appeal, the ban was temporary so you will have to wait out your ban. It will end on the 10th which is Tomorrow/Sunday. To prevent any further problems I do suggest reading through our rules just to make sure that you don’t break rules that you didn’t know about...
  10. Nova_Soul

    -Casually napping in Cake’s Attic-

    -Casually napping in Cake’s Attic-
  11. Nova_Soul

    Accepted Ban for Advertising Discord (confused)

    Alright, I’ll hop on and get this situated. -Accepted
  12. Nova_Soul

    Accepted Ban for Advertising Discord (confused)

    Hello Braveman_UAE, I am willing to give you a second chance. For the most part it sounds like you were inviting them so you could voice call with them but for good measures if they wanna join dm them on discord. Just so something like this doesn’t happen again read through the rules located...
  13. Nova_Soul

    -Casually Cleaning Cake’s Attic-

    -Casually Cleaning Cake’s Attic-
  14. Nova_Soul

    Accepted Inappropriate Discussion and advertising

    Thank you for the report, we will handle it. -Accepted
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