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    What even happend
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    Helping 1 person, in eco and such

    me cause I'm your best friend, just give me all your bases, pretty ez
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    rivercity76 exposed!

    Not really scamming with the beacon thing tho..
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    Looking for somebody to build a crypt

    I'm the master of the crypt xD
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    Helium - Bug Report Log

    Can someone tell me what this is about even?
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    Can't this be abused, like if someone puts a bounty on say "bob" then bob's friend kills him and just gets the money and "bob" loses nothing as he can just go in no armor and die. Please put bounty on me! I want free money lol
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    Dunno where this goes but for staff

    So I feel like we need a person to watch this person who keeps coming on alts back to skyrealms even though his main account was banned named iForeverGone something, everytime he comes back he always is breaking the rules in one way or another and always harassing me or my friends in some way...
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    Taking a break, Good bye for now <3 <3 <3

    Well, recently I've gotten very bored of skyrealms in general so I'm taking a break, don't know how long it will be or when I will come back, but I assure you I will be back some day. Since I'm not quitting I don't have a big explanation on things or honorable mentions or whatever but, I'll miss...
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    Accepted Profanity, Staff impersonation, harrasment

    1. iArkeazus's hub/home 2. Minecraft name of offender: BubbaJR03 3.Offense Commited: Profanity, Staff Impersonation, Harrassment 4. Proof :
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    Resolved Did not receive my legendary key?

    So, I got 2nd in the glowstone challenge and today when I woke up to collect my key I didn't recieve it. Following Screenshots show my rank in the challenge and when i collected the item. My inventory wasn't full as shown in the last screenshot.
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    {Giveaway} Giving away 2.8m worth of items!

    1. A hug from Muyst, but ill take a ig aswell 2. Since who doesnt want to win free stuff? 3. No one person really 4. Earn money and sometimes warzone 5. A friend introduced me 6. 420 7. Some things can be dank and moist. but moist is better.
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    Im about to make a gset and I'm not sure which enchants are the best for PVP..if someone could give me a list of enchants I need for a good gset that would be nice TY
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    ok a lot of people have been having problems with redstone contraptions at iShopify and if you need help please contact me instead of bugging ishopify, i make a lot of his contraptions. ign - iArkeazus
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    Accepted Inappropriate topics

    Server: Somaiy's Server/home Minecraft name of offender:AnGrMv Offense Committed: innappropriate word/harrasment Proof: