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  • I tried to do the command /xpbottle but it won't work it keeps saying unknown command. Can you help me figure out whats wrong, I just got 50,000 xp from a vote key and I don't want to loose it.
    You and PatP have inspired me to make a miinecraft server do you have any suggestions or websites or if we could direct message that would be great Thanks <3
    I'm going to make a ban appeal for my charges of harassment towards RaymondSoda_xVx I was completely unaware that what I said would get me in trouble because I have had others say that to me and they didn't get in trouble, I have already apologized and will promise to never do it again - M_Blazin
    Dude me and my friend camcaid are VERY angry about the service on this server Because all our spawners turned pig and you need proof... Who even takes screenchots dude He even has 1 screenshot and you say he needs more proof like what the heck Man. We have proof Its not even a lot its just 10 Iron golem spawners come on ( please reply )
    I lost 10 igs due to the bug today I already sent a ticket of support but I can't get them back can you help me get them back please
    Help someone stole a full chest of nether wart from me and 5 stacks of souls and from me. My in-game name Is UncagedTomb, and thx for the help!
    Sorry but Pat cannot help with this. Good tip for future "Don't invite someone you don't fully trust"
    I'm trying to join your server on my tablet but I can't find the server name so I could get in the server and join can you help me respond whenever you see this have a nice day
    If you're on Minecraft Pocket Edition then that's the reason why. Minecraft Pocket Edition supports different servers then Minecraft PC. Hope this helps ;)
    pls can u help me i feel ashamed beause i trusted someone and he has scammed me i lost my spawners and my money can u pls ban him pls i beg of u ... according to the seventh rule of skyrealm irl deals should be done properly on both ends right ? he has scammed me with that also .. i hope u will ban him and his account .his skyrealms username is ..... ProGamersZF
    hi i was wondering because your the owner if i could get my money back i just lost 750k because i bought an iron golem spawner and as soon as i got it i dc and when i logged back ing it was gone so i cheaked my balance and i had 8k left i spent 7 weeks getting that money my username is GASSEDGAMING thanks
    Hey since you are a big scary eagle I thought you could take down just one more rodent, ProMiner1383 he hacked me and stole all my goodies , thanks, M_Blazin. Also can you try to ban him
    Today there was a major lag issue. But when i went to spawn i bought a IG spawner and i got it then my character got rubber-banded and the spawner disappeared from my inventory. Then I checked my bal and it took my money, but i didn't get the IG. i was wondering if i could get that IG back? Thanks! My username is armydude274
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