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  • MasDaddy=Regrettably I'm presuming? :3 nice profile pic too, very American lol
    Or is there a 3rd network owner?
    I can't go back into my original skyrealm I don't know why it just says 'Your realm is not found. Please alert a staff member.'
    SkyRealms reset. Create a new realm and enjoy the experience all over again!
    I have to ask, i plan to get my own mic just after Christmas and i plan to apply for helper. This is the only reason that is holding me back from applying to become a helper. My question is will i still be able to apply for helper just after Christmas if not i can wait i just wanted to know if i could.
    Hey MasDaddy me and other players have been having a problem with the war zone chests, The war zone chests aren't spawning so i even waited near where a chest usually spawns and it didn't spawn i'm hoping that u could fix this problem or at least tell me a reason why this has been happening
    can you tell voidscape to stop being mean to me like spamming #JoeyJoJo1foreverpoor and saying look its #JoeyJoJo1foreverpoor its getting really annoying and I tell him to stop every day
    hey masDaddy ive filled our the helper thing but never got a response should i just fillout another.
    If you haven't gotten a response, it means you didn't get accepted. I would wait for 2-3 weeks if you haven't gotten a response.
    Hi two of my friends were banned 1 for duplicating when he didn't and the other one for something else and then an admin took my ggs and igs that were at my friends base and thought they were duped but they were mine the friends an admin banned are roccomosdy and sashaflannels please can you reconsider banning them and to give me back my stuff please thank you AgentAwesome002
    im trying to join the server but every time i join it says transfer failed and server is offline but i know that there are people playing on this server please help me am i doing something wrong ?
    my brother got to click the mouse and I mene didn't realize why I was in the bathroom and suddenly be back ... and it says, I was on my island. YOU ARE BAN ... I was upset and didn't understand why ... I don't use hacks ... Please could you sban pls! :/
    This is my favorite server and I play so many hours per day and I'm going to buy myself a rank please sban sban! :) pls pls
    Hey is there anyway I can get my money back for everything i bought? Its fine if you ban me if u give my money back but if u dont give me back my money then dont ban me. Thank you PLease msg me back as soon as possible. Sincerely, Willcraft312
    donations to the server are final its in the terms of service so there are no refund
    Can you unban me i got a banned from your server Skyrealms it is my favorite server . 2 I was Ban becuase this guy called MrrCrainer He did a IRL deal with me with out asking me. 3 can you unban me please please. 4 I was banned becuase of chargeback minecraft name DaDennis123
    Please help me! I'm a skygod and /ec wont work for me! I have my iron golem spawners in there (a lot including golden ones), silk touch pic, and all my other spawners! Please help me!!!!
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