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    lost blaze spawners

    Unless you can provide a screenshot or preferably video evidence of losing the spawners you won't get given them back. They won't just take your word for it or ask someone else, simply because you could have come up with a deal with them to simply say something to get free spawners (Not saying...
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    New purchasing function

    It is harder to chargeback with paypal, and the server has a chargeback prevention method to stop people receiving money if they attempt to chargeback. This is the main reason they only allow you to pay with paypal and paymentwall.
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    Accepted Ban Appeal - Aron_21

    You cannot appeal if you have done the following; - Been banned for hacking - Found and used an exploit to your advantage - Duplicated items - This is stated in the Ban Appeals format post.
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    Resolved died from bug

    Can you explain the bug and do you have any proof of it taking your items, the servers staff team can't refund you items without proof of you losing them too a bug, but if you explain the bug they might be-able to fix it and help it not happen again. Saying you lost your kit to "a bug" is not...
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    They are public plugins, so whenever the developer of the plugin decides, if ever, to update his plugin to make it compatible with 1.13.2. I highly doubt the server will ever become a 1.13 server, simply due to the fact there control over the situation is limited and not worth there time to...
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    Introduce myself

    Welcome to the server and the forums!
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    The new rules evan made a while ago

    SkyRealms has never allowed you to appeal for the use of hacked clients, yet it had thousands of players at certain points. Evan never made these rules. Even if he did "change" the rules it will have been cleared with Pat and Cake before doing so, I feel like this is more of a frustration post...
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    My intro

    Welcome back!
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    Denied Ban Appeal

    Taking legal action against igrabify is almost impossible, you are trying to use "big" words to help your appeal and most of it is garbage, abusing iGrabify's system to steal information off people, esspeiclly for malicious intent is just ridiculous and you can't justify it any way you put it...
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    Denied Ban appeal

    Hello there, If you were reported for hacking and the report was accepted, screenshots of these must be included: - .minecraft Folder - Mods Folder - Version Folder - Recycle Bin - Desktop Please use a screenshot program such as Lightshot, Gyazo or ShareX to upload pictures. You could also...
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    Stalking the forums is my thing SHOO!

    Stalking the forums is my thing SHOO!
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    Resolved advancements not triggering

    Yes the melons one is a bit buggy, it sometimes counts them and sometimes does not count them, well done on completing it because it gave me a headache doing. I don't think it is a big enough bug to bother the owner about. As the issue was resolved requesting the thread to be locked :)
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    Not sure where to post this

    You should still read the rules before you play on any network, just because other servers allow it does not mean this server does. If you want to take the staff up on a rule change you can but I can tell you now they won't be changing it. Requesting the thread locked as the question was answered.
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    Not sure where to post this

    It is your responsibly to know and read the rules before you play on the network, it is not the staff fault if you did not bother to read them. They have already reduced the punishment for AFK mining a doubt they will again. There is a link to the rule book in my signature, hope this was helpful.
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    Where I think SkyRealms is...

    There are a few issues that I think need addressing with the server, mainly to do with how the staff react and deal with certain issues. It is getting beyond a joke watching every appeal, player report and bug report get handled completely differently, the constant "rule changes" and the way the...