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  • if u ever see https lock gone never type passwords or bank accounts in or u will get hacked to. plz warn the others, gl bro.
    if i get ny account back ill pm u so u don't report the real me and get me banned XD
    I found that i was hacked.
    a few days ago i was signing into optifine and the https lock disappeared. they saw my password… I'm warning u if u see my on sky realms screen shot this and report me and get me banned. id rather that then have everything rent. gl jj, ima try ti hack the hacker… wish me luck.
    the the hell is going on? it started when i tried to use another optifine cape then it said incorrect password, and i got back on minecraft and it would not let me in it said there are 2 ppl using this account try again later, then it said incorrect password
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