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    I will be on vacation from June 5 to June 14 in Boston :) Please note that during this time it...

    I will be on vacation from June 5 to June 14 in Boston :) Please note that during this time it is likely I will not respond to messages.
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    Cosmic Showdown Beta NOW AVAILABLE on Google Play Store

    Hey everyone! We have some big news today! As of right now, our new title Cosmic Showdown's early beta is NOW available for download in the Google Play store! You can download it here: Also, don't forget to join our...
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    I'm Hopelessly Lost in this WILD Update!

    We will notify you in the event of an update. Please be patient!
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    I'm Hopelessly Lost in this WILD Update!

    Happy Friday SkyRealms Peeps! I hope you all had an amazing Easter :) As you know, there was no update last week because of the holiday and it feels like so much has happened since the last post. One of the biggest changes is that our beloved Admin, Deci, has decided to move on from SkyRealms...
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    An "A-maze-ing" Update

    Jousseph inspired me :)
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    An "A-maze-ing" Update

    It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! (Sorry for the Rebecca Black reference, couldn't help myself:cool:) We've got a lot going on this week and I'm so excited to fill you in on what we've been doing. But first, there's a certain build contest that's in need of some winners! Build...
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    May the Updates Be Ever in Your Favor!

    lol hypothetically of course :P
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    May the Updates Be Ever in Your Favor!

    Is it Friday already? I guess it's time for an update! However, as per usual, let do our realm feature first. This week's featured realm comes from Pikachu1185 and ANY anime fan EVER has to love this realm (or we can't be friends anymore :p). It's Kirito and Asuna! From Sword Art Online! Guys...
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    The "Not an Update" Update

    It's Friday! Woo-hoo! You know what that means…..time for the "Not an Update" Friday Update! But first, let's chat about our featured realm. This week, we're featuring /visit TNTCobbl3r29 whose realm is fresh and totally dope. Dope. Is that still a thing? Possibly it's dank? I'm not sure what...
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    Winter is Coming to SkyRealms

    Can be both for sure :) But has to be at least one.
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    Winter is Coming to SkyRealms

    It's Friday y'all! Which means it's time for your update. But first, lets take a peek at this week's realm feature. This week we're featuring a realm by GEOASSA :) It's big! It's grand! It's…it's…just great <3 Check it out at /visit GEOASSA <3 Also, shout out to our Olympic Parkour Winners...
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    Resolved Keys

    put the keys in a chest in your realm next time you're online and i'll swap em out
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    This is a great debate! I see good points on both sides. Question, however. If we did make scamming against the rules, how would we enforce it? How would we prevent players from framing other players for scamming? What evidence is required to prove a scam? If we did look into this, we'd have to...
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    Beam Me Up......Jenni?

    I am so happy someone got it :P
  15. JennyPixel

    Builds and Boosters and Items from the Sky, Oh My!

    Daww thanks :) It's cuz I got the world's greatest community <3