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    Looking IRL dealer

    Same here
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    Denied Player would not stop harrassing my little bro and i can't stand for this

    I think you need more proof, and copy inserting the same screen shot again and again doesn't prove anything. To be honest I barely understand anything expect that NinjaPenguin sweared, but not to excessive.
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    Denied Racism and excessive swearing (hero_hudson)

    I already reported him, he got banned
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    MGMasterJD is Big bad

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    May 2nd Update - Break the Nether TOURNAMENT, May Crate & Crate Anniversary Crate!

    @Cyover it ends on May 23rd, and @Numb wtf
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    Denied Scammed

    GiGimm you can not get your stuff back, unless it was an IRL scam nothing can be done
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    Accepted im sorry

    Take a picture of your skin, just log onto Minecraft, go into single player, load a world, and go into third person mode, and take a screenshot.
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    Accepted ban appeal [HeyImDiSo]

    You are on the wrong forum section, it is a bit confusing but the one that says Handled Ban Appeals is the one where you put your ban appeals.
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    Denied Staff Disrespect

    1) Second Server 2) ZN_OKs 3) Staff Disrespect 4)
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    Accepted some somewhat heavy insults

    You can read my report against Swagger1233 and mine is right below yours
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    Accepted some somewhat heavy insults

    Here is the format 1. Server (e.g Spawn/Home): 2. Minecraft name (of offender): 3. Offense committed: 4. Proof:
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    Accepted some somewhat heavy insults

    Two things, 1 you have to put it in a specific format to get the helpers or mods or staff to view, and second of all translate (take a screen shot of the translation from google translate, that provides proof that you aren't making it up.)
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    Accepted Inappropriate Content: Told me to Die

    I just noticed he did a lot of excessive swearing I don't know if you do #### or something like that counts but still