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  • Hi there didn't know you retired, I'd simply liked to say thanks for accepting my ban appeal about a year ago :P. I found some really nice people through this server and you helped maintain order on this server and I'd like to appreciate you.
    Hey Deci, just heard you resigned, i never knew you, but i know you did big things, good things, for both Dj, and the skyrealms community, hope everything goes well for you and i take my hat off for you for what you've done for this community.
    Thank you <3
    Won't forget what you've done for the Doublejump community, It was amazing knowing you for about 4 years. I won't forget the time I met you on Tinychat with Kay and other people and Thanks for giving me a chance. You've been the best Admin for Doublejump and I wish you Good luck in your Future. Take care! <3
    I know you and I didn't get along well lmao but it was fun seeing you around managing shit and whatever but hope you do well in your future endeavors.
    still got perms smh, joking but it was good knowing you deci, probably been 4 maybe 5 years? from when you banned me on titan WHICH I HOPE YOU REMEMBER BECAUSE I DO THAT WAS A GOOD TIME til now, you’ve been an amazing staff member, administrator, and friend. i hope you do good and have fun w whatever you do next. may u rest in peace <3
    I know you and I are not the best of friends, and all the shit and whatnot, but thank you my man for well one giving me the chance when you did, and two for putting up with my bs and other staff members post my run. Good luck to whatever you do now~Matt
    Is there anything we can do to get rid of the you can only buy from someone elses shops if there online update?
    Deci please help it says failed to transfer funds please ty again later at a lot of realm shops on SkyRealms but later never happenes! I cant buy anything!
    It means the player is offline, you can only buy from someone if they’re on.
    Ok but I really don't like that part of the new update is really bad!
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