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    Accepted Afk mining

    Thanks for reporting, the player will be dealt with.
  2. CatRabbit499

    Accepted Ban appeal

    You have been unbanned.
  3. CatRabbit499

    Accepted Ban appeal

    I will unban you since the IPs of your 2 accounts do not match with cookiemonster7, but do keep in mind for the future that joking about bannable offenses where the ’evidence’ presented matches with the ban reason of another account is both not funny and a waste of our time.
  4. CatRabbit499

    I'm Hopelessly Lost in this WILD Update!

  5. CatRabbit499

    End Raid High Scores :D

    So I recently won an End Raid with a final damage count of 2207, and it made me curious what the records are for damage/knockouts/revives. I f you feel you have a high score, please submit a screenshot of it in reply to this thread, and I will add you to the record book if you have a higher...
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    What A Troll

  7. CatRabbit499

    New Bosses

    PSA: If this tweet reaches 1mil retweets, the Mojang devs will add more bosses into the vanilla game :D
  8. CatRabbit499

    Denied IRL Money Scam (30$)

    @krystella Can you please reply with more proof
  9. CatRabbit499

    Accepted IRL Scamming

    Thanks for the screenshots Alcoron. Darkrai324 will be dealt with.
  10. CatRabbit499

    Accepted Inappropriate content

    Thanks for reporting, the player will be dealt with.
  11. CatRabbit499

    Skeletons bypass armor

    Sometimes skeletons shoot through full prot 4 diamond and deal ridiculous amounts of damage (I think its a bug)
  12. CatRabbit499

    Denied BonBeast blackmail threat

    oh, I guess someone moved the thread. Anyways, upload proof here.
  13. CatRabbit499

    Denied Fake Iron Golem Spawner

    These screenshots are not sufficient proof of a fake IG, sorry.
  14. CatRabbit499

    Accepted theunicornman realm killing

    Someone reported this guy in chat, and I managed to record his trap before he privated his island and logged :p