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    Denied Ban Appeal (Reason: Hacks)

    Hello Divinesyn. We do not unban for the usage of Hacked Clients on this server, as you stated there is a mention of that in the Ban Appeal Format. - Denied
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    Accepted Banned By CakeSpace for Inappropriate skin

    Hello Wulvess. After seeing you have changed your skin and after you saying that you understand that younger kids play this game, hopefully you realise this server does not tolerate inappropriate skins. However, I'm glad you have changed your skin to something more appropriate and therefore I...
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    March 16th Update - St. Patrick's Day Event, March Crate & MORE Battle Arenas!

    Hello everyone! Welcome to another Update Post! We hope you enjoy all the additions we have made! ST. PATRICK'S DAY EVENT What is the Event? Well, we have added some very EXCLUSIVE cosmetics to the WarZone that are based around, you guessed it, St. Patrick's Day! You can find these cosmetics...
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    Denied swearing repetitively

    We do appreciate the report, however Tqrg3t did not bypass the filter in any way. The ing part at the end isn't Filter Bypass, it's just the first part of the word he was trying to say was filtered. Regardless, thank you for reporting! - Denied
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    I appreciate the assurance that a situation like this will not occur again, and with that I have decided to unban your account entirely. Thank you for the congratulations, and thank you for playing SkyRealms. - Accepted
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Hello Gamer64. I'm glad to see that you are sorry for attempting an Illegal Deal, and that you wish to be unbanned. Since this being your first ban, and the fact you have been banned for an extended period of time, I have decided to be more lenient with this appeal. I'll be willing to unban...
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    Valentine's Day Build Contest Winners 2020!

    We are finally releasing the Winners of the Valentine's Day Build Contest 2020! From what we saw there were some amazing builds and we would like to thank everyone that participated! Without further adieu, here are the Winners! 1ST PLACE WINNER: SilentTomb PRIZE: $100 SkyRealms Store Coupon +...
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    Denied Ducky's ban appeal

    Hello Ducky. Why are you back again? Did I not make it SUPER clear in your last appeal that you would not be unbanned? It's either that or you were too lazy to read that, or too ignorant and ignored it. We've been through this multiple times and I don't care how much YOU think you have...
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    January 17th Update - Introducing Sky Pass!

    Sky Pass Yes, you are not hallucinating. We are releasing our first Sky Pass on SkyRealms. To cut it short our Sky Pass has the same concept as other games (e.g. Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex, etc) which I will explain thoroughly now. Quests The Sky Pass will have a length of 1 month. Each week...
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    Festive/Christmas Build Contest Winners!

    Today we have the Build Contest winners for the Festive/Christmas Build Contest! It was a difficult decision and we saw many festive builds! Congratulations to all that participated! BUILD CONTEST WINNERS 1st Place: AC1102 2nd Place: HadiIsRover 3rd Place: ItsNotKryp Please contact...
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    Denied I DID NOTHING

    Appeal abandoned. - Denied
  12. CakeSpace

    Denied I DID NOTHING

    You have 24 hours to reply to this appeal, otherwise it will be denied and you will have to appeal again if you wish to be unbanned.
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    Denied My last appeal for this decade <3 2010 - 2020 and 2015 - 2019

    Hello Insanity. I've stated in your previous appeals that you, nor your brother will be unbanned under any circumstances. You STILL don't understand what you have done across both season 1 & 2. You've Doxxed, IP logged, Hacked, Ban Evaded and lied constantly. You will quite literally never be...
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    Denied Ban Appeal

    Hello DarkJoker470. Due to the fact WhiskeyWhispers is not Staff anymore, I will be replying to this appeal. We do not unban players that have used a Hacked Client, regardless of them deleting the hacks as stated in our Ban Appeal Format. You will not be unbanned and any further appeals you...
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    Denied I DID NOTHING

    Hello d_d0. You only have 1 IP on your account, and it connects to huvx, Vlaz3rr, pilip948 and IHqteYou2. Please do explain how I am meant to tell who is who when with that evidence? Unless you provide evidence that you are not huvx, or any of the banned players then you will not be unbanned.