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There Can Only Be One Friday Update!

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Friday Update (4).png

Happy Friday Everyone! Bit of a soft update this week (I think we all needed a bit of a break ;P) but still some pretty cool things coming your way! But first, lets get to our feature realm!

This week's feature realm is EternalSky (/visit EternalSky). I checked it out a bit earlier and, I gotta say, it's pretty freaking cool. So make sure to swing by sometime this week and check it out!

Now, before we get onto updates, I believe I have some winners to announce :)

Build Contest Results

First, thank you EVERYBODY for your AMAZING submissions! It was not easy to pick a winner and the margin separating the 1st place realm to even the 10th place realm was incredibly close. Therefore, without further ado, I give you your February Build Contest Winners!

1st Place - chickarita

2nd Place - Skylicent

3rd Place - MellThePotato_

Honorable Mentions
Congratulations Everyone! Your builds were inspiring, beautiful, creative, and left me awe-struck! It was so hard to pick a top three and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next month!

Now, onto updates!

Duels are Back!

We have been getting a bunch of requests to bring back duels, so we've brought them back bigger and better than ever!

Duels allow you to challenge another player in epic single combat to settle a score, test out some gear, or just for fun! There are different types of kits you can use in your duel and you can also place wagers on who will win!

Here's how it works.


/duel duel <player>
- How to send a duel request to a player

/duel accept <player> - How to accept a duel request someone has sent you​


Duel Modes

Own Items - This means that you would be using your own items and the other player would be using their own items.

Vanilla Set

4 Enchant God Set

9 Enchant God Set

***NOTE: In a duel all players, regardless of rank, can use the same number of enchants.***

Wager Amounts

$0 (friendly battle), $5,000, $10,000, $50,000, $100,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000.

Once you select a wager amount, the invite is sent.

Once the challenge is sent and accepted, players are taken to the duels arena to commence their epic battle. Once the duel is over, the players are transferred back to the server they left from, and the winner is rewarded the wager. Keep in mind that there can only be one winner in a duel ;)


Here I would like to remind everyone that Monday is the last day of the Olympic celebration, which means if you want to get on the leaderboard for the parkour competition, now is the time!

Finally, some of you may have noticed that TNT is no longer craftable. It is still available for purchase from the Redstone shop at spawn. This change is to nerf auto-miners, as they were becoming far too overpowered.

Nothing else for me :) Have a great weekend everyone!

Beam Me Up......Jenni?

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Friday Update (3).png

Hey friends! Hope you're enjoying the Olympics on SkyRealms :) We'll get to this week's update, but first let's check out our featured realm!

This week, we're featuring a realm will shops and towering quartz structures by marcseli! Make sure to check it out on your explorations this week at /visit marcseli.

Also, before we get started on updates, I would like to remind EVERYONE to PLEASE not click on links from unknown and untrusted sources, in-game or on the Discord channel. I really don't want anyone to have their accounts hacked because I love you all and I want y'all to be happy and unhacked :) <3

Build Contest Ends

That's right! The Valentines-themed build contest has officially drawn to a close. Thank you so much to everyone who participated! We are in the process of going through all of your submissions and we will announce a winner next Friday with the new update.

Important: Please DO NOT take down your realm until after the winners are announced. Our judging panel may visit your realm sometime in the next week to help us decide and it would stink if your build wasn't there :S

Realm Warps

You asked and we listened. Introducing Realm Warps! These are points that you set in your realm to allow for fast and easy travel. Go from entrances to profit shops to tranquility ponds in an instant with realm warps!

Here's how it works. Your number of warp points varies depending on your rank, as shown below.

Default - 3
Hero - 6
Knight - 6
Lord - 8
Duke - 8
SkyGod - 10

To set up, delete, and view your warps, use the following commands.

Set a warp - /realm setwarp <name> <description>
Delete a warp - /realm delwarp <name>
View warps - /warps
Warp to a specific warp - /warps <name>

NOTE: All warp names are case sensitive.

New CUSTOM Tool Enchants

Guys this is kind of a big deal. We're talking the first custom tool enchants added to the server that you get from books EVER. So get ready for some awesome. Check out your new enchants :)

Smelting - Chance to smelt blocks while mining (OMG timesaver)

Super Breaker - Chance to activate Super Breaker, which will allow you to break blocks almost instantly for a short period (like the Hulk, but square-er)

Want to show off that next-to-impossible to get Gset? Particularly proud of a rare item? Now you can stick it in your very own Showcase where you can display up to nine of your most prized possessions. Here's the commands:

/showcase - This command opens up your own Showcase and allows you to edit items. To add an item to your showcase, simply click the item you want to add in your inventory. To remove an item, just click it out of the showcase and it should go back into your inventory.

/showcase player <username> - Command to open and view another players Showcase.

WarZone Chest Changes
We've been getting a number of complaints about chests being empty in the WarZone since they no longer disappear. To help this issue, we've added a title message that will inform you once a chest has already been looted so you don't waste valuable time looting an empty chest :)

Bug Fixes
SkyGods can now access all pets
Zombies no longer stack
Bosses no longer drop no loot
Made /snow-toggle to help with lag at spawn
Realm members can no longer ban owners
TNT and general duping bug
Xp bug
Pistons are fixed
Ender chest bug is fixed (thank goodness)
Added /shop toggle so you can turn on/off the annoying shop transaction messages in chat​


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Friday Update (2).png

Happy Thursday everyone!

I know! The update is a day early! Why? This is confusing and strange and wrong and just TOO MUCH RIGHT NOW OKAY?!

Calm down. Trust me. It's for good reason and I'll explain everything in this post.

But first, it's time for this weeks realm feature! This week we're featuring *drumroll* CookyMonsters! To check out their delightfully symmetrical realm simply go /visit CookyMonsters :)

Now, onto what's going on. I am so happy to announce that SkyRealms is going to be having it's very own Olympic celebration! As you may know, tomorrow is the first day of the 23rd Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate then to give you guys your very own Olympic village at spawn! Plus, we were so excited to get this out, we simply could not wait until tomorrow. So, without further ado, I present to you, THE SKYREALMS OLYMPIC VILLAGE!!


Pretty cool, right? But that's not all! From now until the 25th we are going to be hosting competitions and events to really get everyone into the Olympic spirit, starting with...

Did Somebody Say…PARKOUR?!
That's right! Skyrealms spawn now has it's very own Olympic parkour course! Just follow the arrows leading away from the portal and they will take you to the course where you can show off your own athletic prowess.

Not only that, but you can also enter a parkour competition by entering /parkour. This will start a timer on the course and, once you finish, submit your time to the leaderboard which you can check with /pleaderboard. Then, at the end of the closing ceremonies in PyeongChang, the top three times in the parkour course will receive a custom 100% unique "Olympian" name tag with 1st place in Gold, 2nd place in Silver, and 3rd place in Bronze. Also, if you've ever dreamed of being an NPC in Skyrealms (goodness knows I have), winning this competition will also make that dream come true!

Good luck, athletes!

Peanut Butter SALE TIME

And here you were thinking all the celebrations would be in-game. To further celebrate the Olympic games, we are going to have 23% off (get it?) at the store for everything from boss eggs and boosters to ranks and secondary realms! Never a better time to upgrade than the Olympics! See sale dates below :)

Feb. 9-11 Boss Egg Sale
Feb. 12-13 Booster Sale
Feb. 15-16 Name Tag Sale
Feb. 18-20 Black Market Sale (alt. Realm Sale)
Feb. 21-23 GKit Sale
Feb. 24-25 Rank Sale​

Random Boss Egg Drops

Throughout the ENTIRE duration of the Olympics (i.e., from now until Feb. 25) I am going to be dropping random boss eggs at the arena. These drops are not scheduled, completely random, and can happen literally anytime. The only warning you will get is a broadcast from me half an hour before the egg drop and whoever's there can get a shot at some sweet, sweet loot :)

Well that's it for me this week! I hope you guys enjoy our new Olympic village and I will see you in the Arena!

Builds and Boosters and Items from the Sky, Oh My!

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Friday Update (1).png

Hello everyone! Get ready for your update! But first, let's announce this weeks featured realm!

This week we're featuring a realm built by Runverbots and HeyImFlo2. You can visit by going to /visit genxmmen and once there you will find everything from potions to iron and cactus profits. Also, keep an eye out for their upcoming sugar cane profit!

Now, onto updates.

Build Contests

Guy, I'm so excited about this update! Now that I've had the chance to explore the server and check out everyone's realms I CANNOT WAIT to see what you guys are going to come up with for our monthly build contests!

This month, the theme is Valentines. Think hearts, love, flowers, candy, and stuffed animals ;) We will award prizes to first, second, and third place in the form of SkyRealm's gift cards (details below).

1st Prize - $50
2nd Prize - $20
3rd Prize - $10

To participate, simply type /buildcontests or /bcontest and you'll see three icons. The first one contains contest information (like rewards, end dates, theme, etc.), the second allows you to submit your realm, and the third shows all the submitted realms (to check out the competition, of course!).

Keep in mind, in order to submit your realm for the build contest you must be 1) standing in your realm, and 2) the owner of your realm.

NOTE: Build contest entries are ONE REALM PER PLAYER, not account.

I read all your suggestions, so I KNOW how excited you guys are gonna be about this one. Introducing boosters!

Boosters are used to "boost" your experience and money. They are also GLOBAL, which means they benefit everyone on the server. Once you purchase your boosters type /boosters (or /boost for short).

The current XP and $ boosters are available on the store and are priced as follows:

x1.5 XP Booster | 3 hours long | $14.99
x2 XP Booster | 2 hours long | $19.99
x1.5 Money Booster | 1 hour long | $24.99
x2 Money Booster | 30 minutes long | $29.99

Please Note: XP Boosters only boost XP gained from vanilla methods such as mobs and xp bottles. Also, Money Boosters only affect money obtained from selling items to the shops at /spawn.

Ever been in the warzone and been seconds away from absolute and terrifyingly imminent DEATH? Care packages can help with that ;P

CarePackages are random crates that drop from the sky into the WarZone. These CarePackages contain 6 items, and will spawn every two to four hours as marked by the holograms found at spawn drop points. You will also get a notification in chat five minutes before a CarePackage is about to spawn. Once it spawns (and also when it lands), the CarePackage will announce the coordinates of it's landing location in chat.

But beware! CarePackages are not all chicken noodle soup and teddy bears. There is also a "Red Zone" that is active for a short time after the care package spawns. This red zone rains TNT down on you with no mercy or regret. So, like, you know, watch out.

NOTE: There is a 15 player minimum for a carepackage to drop. If there is not 15 players on a spawn server when it's set to drop, the drop will be canceled.

Shop Tutorial
We've also added a new chest shop tutorial at spawn for all new players that are a little unsure how to make your own shops. It's located right next to the shops building.

That's it this week folks! See you on Monday!

This is the End……………………….er Chest Update!

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Friday Update.png

First things first, time for our realm feature! This week, we're featuring blue_paladin's realm :) If you want to drop by and say hi, just /visit blue_paladin <3

Ender Chests
We’re making history today guys! For the first time since the reset, we are going to have ender chests back, but we're using a different system than before. A perk of this is, this time, players will have MORE space.

To reach your ender chest you can use /enderchest, /ec, or /echest. See below for the different sizes:

Default: 3 rows
Hero: 5 rows
Knight: 5 rows
Lord: 2 pages
Duke: 2 pages
SkyGod: 3 pages
There was a shop change as well! We have nerfed the price of Cactus and Sugar Cane. 32 Cacti now sells for $128 and 32 Sugar Cane now sells for $200.

Also, as many of you astutely pointed out to me over the last few days:p, we are experiencing some lag spikes. Please know that we are actively addressing this issue and appreciate your patience until it is resolved. One step that has been taken to fight the lag is that ground items only have a life of 1 minutes, as opposed to 5 minutes. This does not mean Clear Lag is running every minute, just that any item on the ground automatically despawn after 1 minute. So keep that in mind!

See below for your bugs fixes. :cool:

Bug Fixes
Realm members can no longer interact, place, or break items on the restricted list
Block restrictions actually work (i.e., no more having 900 hoppers when your limit is 300)​

Everything You've Ever Wanted in an Update

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Friday Update.png

Guys! It's Friday! Again! Where does the time go? Before we get started, huge congrats to WizardStakes for being our very first realm feature. From now on, every update will feature one of your realms in the header as well as a shoutout from yours truly <3 To visit Wizard's realm, go /visit hi_you

To enter in this awesome weekly contest, simply send me a screenshot of your realm on Discord along with a short description on why it's awesome :)

Now, onto business. We have four (yes, four!) new announcements for you guys today, so buckle up!

Additional Realm Purchasing
Starting today, players will be able to purchase an additional realm through the SkyRealms store under the "Black Market"! Once you purchase your second realm, all you have to do is /claim it in game. These are completely new realms, so keep in mind that everything is separate from your first realm (including size, cobble gen upgrades, member, etc.) which means double the profit shops, double the spawns, and double the fun!

New Enchants
We are also releasing two new enchants which you can get through Encrypted Books. The two new enchantments are:

1. Fortify (Legendary Armor Enchant) - Increases your chance to take reduced damage when crouched.
2. Senseless (Epic Weapon Enchant) - Increase your chance to hide your enemies health from them.

New Enchant Display GUI
We have added a new display for your enchantments. The command is the same (/enchant and /enchants) and you don't lose or gain any functionality. It's just an awesome new way to view your enchantments!

We've completed the ColorMe GUI addition, which is a plugin that CHANGES THE COLOR OF YOUR USERNAME. All you have to do is run the command /colorme and it opens a GUI where you select the color you want your username to be. But never fear, old school ColorMe users, you can still use the command (/colorme <colorcode>).

New Blocks
We've officially added the Sea Lantern and End Rod to the shop! The Sea Lantern will cost $1600 (quantity 16) and the End Rod $20 (quantity 1). Both blocks can be found in the shop at /spawn in the "Blocks" shop.

That's it for me! Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! Check below for bug fixes :)

Bug Fixes
Players can now use player shops even when the owner is offline
Voting message will not show up twice in chat (I promise this time!)
Fixed mob stacking
All nametags that were missing have returned.​


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Happy Friday Everyone!

First thing first, I would like to introduce myself (although most of you have probably already seen me hanging out on the forums/discord/server). I'm JenniPixel and I am your new Community Manager, which basically means I represent our awesome community (i.e., you guys) to our lean, mean, dev team. So, if you have an amazing idea for the server, a bug that's driving you bonkers, or just want to say hi, send me a message either in-game or on discord. I don't bite, I promise ;P

Now for announcements!

First and foremost, have y'all seen that ominous NPC chilling at spawn called BountyHunter and asked yourself, "I wonder what he's for?"? Well, wonder no more comrades! We're introducing……..........….*drumroll*…………………Player Bounties! *cue fireworks* Yaaassss!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.10.14 AM.png

"But Jenni," you may ask, "what does this mean?" I'll tell ya! The BountyHunter will let you set bounties on other players, check if anyone has any bounties out on you, and lets you check for online players with a bounty (who you can hunt down in the Warzone like the crazy awesome assassins that you are). PLUS, when you manage to murder your man, you get a sweet, sweet in-game cash reward :)

That's it for me! Come say hi on discord (I get lonely). Check below for your bug fixes and I swear, if I see a bounty on my head, I'm coming for ya! (but not really <3)


Bug Fixes:
Made updates to realm permissions
Warzone chests no longer have a chance to disappear forever
Bosses no longer drop broken spawners
Fixed the small bugs in the Nether
You will no longer see a double message when voting
Nickname colors will now save​
[11/22/17] SkyRealms Reset
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After over half a year of running, we have decided to implement our first server reset in the next week or so! With this post, I will try and answer some of the common questions players have when a server resets.

Q. Why are you resetting?
A. After a server runs for long enough, some players get to the top, stay at the top, and the whole experience is drained of a majority of its fun. We feel that a reset allows new players to experience the server the way it was from the beginning, as well as allowing some old members to start over from scratch.

Q. Will I lose my rank?
A. Nope! During a reset, we wipe basically all other data, though. Players will keep ranks, and kits. Realms, balances, inventories, etc. will be removed and all players will start over.

Q. Will there be another reboot at any point in time?
A. It's possible! Given the point the economy has reached (whether it be to some very dedicated players or some very nasty dupe bugs), a reset is the best way to get everything flowing again and allow players to have fun. It's also our perfect opportunity to change up the server a bit and see how you guys like it!

Over time, we've learned quite a lot from our experience running this server and with the help of you guys. With this knowledge, we plan on bettering this server and making it an overall more fun experience for all of our players. We hope this reflects well with the updates that you will all be seeing shortly.

If you have any questions that weren't answered, feel free to ask a staff member. We're excited for you all to see what we have in store after the reset, and we hope you enjoy!
[09/15/2017] Super Creeper Spawners and the Return of End Raids!
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Creeper Spawners

Many of you already noticed that we added normal creeper spawners to the spawner shop for $400k earlier this week, but today we've got a brand new Super Creeper spawner for you, available from Professor Manton.

Just like the improved Iron Golem spawners, the Super Creeper offers you new ways to farm. The Super Creeper will drop gunpowder, as well as 1, 2, and 3% enchanted dust!

Professor Manton will gladly give you one of these new Super Creeper spawners in exchange for 4 normal creeper spawners.

Duel Fixes
You've all been loving the duel system we released earlier this week, and we've been working hard fixing the issues you've reported to us. Duels are now better than ever, and you can no longer use ender pearls or chorus fruit to get out of the arenas.

We've also fixed the issue with being unable to duel your friends, as well as disabled the pickpocket enchant in duels.

End Raids
After an extended break to fix a few issues, End Raids are back! You can use your end raid tickets again to queue up to fight the mighty Ender Dragon for a chance at epic loot!

If, for whatever reason, you get stuck in the queue again, we've added a new /leave queue command which will take your party out of the queue and return your ticket so that you can try again later without losing it.

If you had any issues with past end raid tickets, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll help ya out.

Happy fighting!

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