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Happy Friday Everyone!

First thing first, I would like to introduce myself (although most of you have probably already seen me hanging out on the forums/discord/server). I'm JenniPixel and I am your new Community Manager, which basically means I represent our awesome community (i.e., you guys) to our lean, mean, dev team. So, if you have an amazing idea for the server, a bug that's driving you bonkers, or just want to say hi, send me a message either in-game or on discord. I don't bite, I promise ;P

Now for announcements!

First and foremost, have y'all seen that ominous NPC chilling at spawn called BountyHunter and asked yourself, "I wonder what he's for?"? Well, wonder no more comrades! We're introducing……..........….*drumroll*…………………Player Bounties! *cue fireworks* Yaaassss!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.10.14 AM.png

"But Jenni," you may ask, "what does this mean?" I'll tell ya! The BountyHunter will let you set bounties on other players, check if anyone has any bounties out on you, and lets you check for online players with a bounty (who you can hunt down in the Warzone like the crazy awesome assassins that you are). PLUS, when you manage to murder your man, you get a sweet, sweet in-game cash reward :)

That's it for me! Come say hi on discord (I get lonely). Check below for your bug fixes and I swear, if I see a bounty on my head, I'm coming for ya! (but not really <3)


Bug Fixes:
Made updates to realm permissions
Warzone chests no longer have a chance to disappear forever
Bosses no longer drop broken spawners
Fixed the small bugs in the Nether
You will no longer see a double message when voting
Nickname colors will now save​
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Hey guys,

Over the past few months, we have been working hard on a mobile game code-named "Helium". We would appreciate it if you could take some time to play it and give us some feedback!

How to test on Mobile (iOS/Android):
Sign up for our Google Group:!forum/heliumgame. Once you have been accepted follow the instructions

How to test on Windows PC:
Download the zip here:, unzip and open the .exe

About Helium:
Helium is a real-time, synchronous multiplayer action/strategy experience, set in the distant future. Galaxies are being explored, mined and looted for their rich resources. Competition for control and power is fierce. As the player, you take control of your own mining fleet; your goal; to dominate the galaxy and annihilate the competition.

Your objective is to defeat your opponent by destroying their spaceship. Each player will pick their Battle Deck of six Turret cards. Turrets are a collection of attacking, defensive and support units so pick your Battle Deck carefully and remember to experiment with different configurations.

When you connect with another player, you will first need to choose a landing zone for your spaceship. Once both player's Spaceships have landed, the battle will begin. A timer appears

in the top center of the screen. In the bottom left of the screen, you will see your Energy counter. This determines how much energy you currently have. Each Turret card will cost Energy to place. In addition to Turrets, players will see a Lantern card at the start of their Battle Deck. This is used to capture land, which gives the player more control over where they can place down their turrets. Control of land is an essential element to the battle and it's important that you take early advantage by choosing which path you're going to attack your opponent.

This early Alpha build does not include a single player experience beyond the initial tutorial levels and practice mode. You will need to battle against other players. As you win battles, you’ll gain more Trophies and increase your rank in the global leaderboard.

Additional Notes:
  • All turrets that appear in the Alpha build can be unlocked by finding them within one of the various crates. You will be rewarded with crates after each battle win. If your crate slots are full, you will stop being rewarded with new crates.
  • You will be given a free crate unlock after every 3 hours. Make sure you regularly return to the game to claim your free crate.
  • All turrets can be upgraded by finding duplicates of the turret card within crates. Each upgrade level will require more duplicates in order to complete the next upgrade.
  • You cannot make premium purchases from within the shop area of the game, although you can use your Gems to unlock premium crates. Remember that the amount of Gems you have will be limited so use them wisely.
  • Make sure you agree to accept push notifications so we can let you know when major battle periods will take place. At this stage in development, our push notifications are only used to inform players when optimal battle periods will be available.
[11/22/17] SkyRealms Reset
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After over half a year of running, we have decided to implement our first server reset in the next week or so! With this post, I will try and answer some of the common questions players have when a server resets.

Q. Why are you resetting?
A. After a server runs for long enough, some players get to the top, stay at the top, and the whole experience is drained of a majority of its fun. We feel that a reset allows new players to experience the server the way it was from the beginning, as well as allowing some old members to start over from scratch.

Q. Will I lose my rank?
A. Nope! During a reset, we wipe basically all other data, though. Players will keep ranks, and kits. Realms, balances, inventories, etc. will be removed and all players will start over.

Q. Will there be another reboot at any point in time?
A. It's possible! Given the point the economy has reached (whether it be to some very dedicated players or some very nasty dupe bugs), a reset is the best way to get everything flowing again and allow players to have fun. It's also our perfect opportunity to change up the server a bit and see how you guys like it!

Over time, we've learned quite a lot from our experience running this server and with the help of you guys. With this knowledge, we plan on bettering this server and making it an overall more fun experience for all of our players. We hope this reflects well with the updates that you will all be seeing shortly.

If you have any questions that weren't answered, feel free to ask a staff member. We're excited for you all to see what we have in store after the reset, and we hope you enjoy!
[09/15/2017] Super Creeper Spawners and the Return of End Raids!
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Creeper Spawners

Many of you already noticed that we added normal creeper spawners to the spawner shop for $400k earlier this week, but today we've got a brand new Super Creeper spawner for you, available from Professor Manton.

Just like the improved Iron Golem spawners, the Super Creeper offers you new ways to farm. The Super Creeper will drop gunpowder, as well as 1, 2, and 3% enchanted dust!

Professor Manton will gladly give you one of these new Super Creeper spawners in exchange for 4 normal creeper spawners.

Duel Fixes
You've all been loving the duel system we released earlier this week, and we've been working hard fixing the issues you've reported to us. Duels are now better than ever, and you can no longer use ender pearls or chorus fruit to get out of the arenas.

We've also fixed the issue with being unable to duel your friends, as well as disabled the pickpocket enchant in duels.

End Raids
After an extended break to fix a few issues, End Raids are back! You can use your end raid tickets again to queue up to fight the mighty Ender Dragon for a chance at epic loot!

If, for whatever reason, you get stuck in the queue again, we've added a new /leave queue command which will take your party out of the queue and return your ticket so that you can try again later without losing it.

If you had any issues with past end raid tickets, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll help ya out.

Happy fighting!

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