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[6/16/2017] The Wither Comes to SkyRealms

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TheTeaGuns, Jun 17, 2017.

By TheTeaGuns on Jun 17, 2017 at 12:52 AM
  1. TheTeaGuns

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    Apr 1, 2017
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    A few weeks ago we added the Nether, but what is the Nether without the Wither for you to take on?

    The Wither is now here for you to fight! Grab 4 soulsand and 3 wither skulls and head to the Nether with your friends and your good gear and prepare for a challenge. The SkyRealms Wither is stronger, and harder to kill than usual and it will require teamwork to take down.

    When you manage to kill the Wither there will be a chance for it to drop a nether star, an item you can sell or craft into a beacon!

    Note: Withers can only be spawned below Y 105. This is to keep the players joining above safe utill they decide to go into the depths of the underground.

    The Wither can only be built and fought in the Nether, so be prepared to deal with other angry mobs such as pigmen who will do everything they can to prevent you from being victorious.

    On top of adding the Wither, we've increased the difficulty overall. Zombie pigmen are now automatically aggressive. So while there isn't PvP in the Nether, you should still expect a challenge!

    New spawn sign, courtesy of the wonderful @Pat

    Full Changelog
    - Added custom Wither to the Nether
    - Made pigmen auto aggro in Nether
    - Added new (old) tablist
    - Added /realm leave
    - Add fancy sign at spawn
    - Fixed various issues with trade plugin
    - Fixed various typos
    - Fixed water shop bugs
    - Disabled ender pearls for non realm members

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TheTeaGuns, Jun 17, 2017.

    1. FireCarter82
      Hmm... well I guess I'm the kind of person that goes into the nether, smacks a pigman, and then hides in a hole farming them for XP and gold.
    2. SGC_SoulzZ
      When your online i'm working xd when i'm online your sleeping
    3. Celmore123
      "Chance of dropping nether star?" Suspicious
    4. Ivazel
      I believe setting the wither to only have a chance of dropping a nether star quite frustrating. Users already have to go through a very tedious process in order to obtain the three skulls, putting aside the difficulty of actually fighting the wither. I suggest adding another drop, a less valuable one, so if a person doesn't obtain a nether star they at least get something for all their hard work.

      As for creating a harder difficulty in the nether, I believe you've done quite the opposite. This may be an oversight but now only one pigman at a time will draw aggro, rather than the respected all in one area situation we would previously have to deal with previously, that is unless we are within a certain amount of blocks to more than one. I've also noticed that we have to be very close to a pigman for this to actually happen, around 4 to 5 blocks.
    5. sonofachilles
      People should be stopped to just go to the nether and farm. It's already too easy to make money on SkyRealms as it is. And when people dupe and get millions and they get banned the staff here doesn't wipe their cheated balance so it continuously affects the economy and /baltop. They do need to make it harder and stop people just going in there to farm for money. Nether is supposed to be hard and this way it is hard.

      I still think the staff here should actually do something about /Baltop Ik 1 person listed on there that earnt his entire balance from duping in 1 day he got perm banned but he still sits there in baltop. Does not deserve to be there. Needs fixing
    6. Itz_Peni
      What is the chance of a nether star drop please tell me if anyone knows
    7. Paper_stars 123
      Paper_stars 123
      i can't join skyrealms some how it says unknown host even i chang the update can someone what the update pls i very want to play Skyrealms
    8. Kyledren
      Here is a problem with this. The wither has a low nether star drop rate. This makes it extremely difficult to get 1 nether star. If getting 3 wither skulls isn't hard enough, having it not drop a nether star 25% of the time is ridiculous. And the wither is harder than the usual wither? That is kind of overkill. I say make the drop rate a bit higher, and make other rewards like legendary books, special armor, or even just more wither skulls so you don't completely waste your time. But I like the idea of the pigmen being angry all the time. I go to the nether to farm, and I think it is always too mellow. This will definitely help make the nether harder to fight in. But I think the nether star situation is ridiculous.
    9. UltimateFoxy
      wouldn't that make beacon less expensive..
    10. Kyledren
      Yeah, but to get wither skulls it is very hard. And I did say that maybe what could happen is that it drops other rewards too instead of just nether stars.

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