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[6/12/2017] Boss Fights!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TheTeaGuns, Jun 12, 2017.

By TheTeaGuns on Jun 12, 2017 at 2:10 PM
  1. TheTeaGuns

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    Apr 1, 2017
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    Hey everyone, we've got a great update for you all today, all about fighting epic bosses for epic loot! Read on for more information.

    Are normal mobs and their loot just not cutting it for you? Are you looking for a bigger challenge to take on with friends in exchange for a chance at greater loot?

    To activate a boss fight you need a boss spawn egg, which can be purchased from our store HERE. Once you have a boss egg, head to the arena at spawn (Found straight ahead from the spawn point, beyond the warzone drop), gather your friends with the best armor and weapons you've got and spawn the boss!


    Be warned those, boss fights are hard, and will require your best gear, and your best friends in order to take it down. At the moment we have one boss, the Iron Golem King, and he will not die easily!

    If you manage to take him out, you will be rewarded with lots of loot, including pieces of the exclusive Golem armor and weapons. The summoner of the boss is always guaranteed loot, and the 5 players who do the most damage to the boss during the fight will also receive loot.

    Keep an eye out for more future bosses for you to fight and good luck to everyone taking on the Golem King!

    Full Changelog
    - Added boss fights
    - Added Golem King Boss Egg to store
    - Added boss fight arena to spawns
    - Disabled ender pearls for non realm members
    - Fixed various typos
    - Disabled TnT in Nether
    - Fixed Crate Master not always working
    - /fly now prevented if combat tagged​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TheTeaGuns, Jun 12, 2017.

    1. TheTeaGuns
    2. Nacato
      Finally some kind of RPG drift that is employed into the server. Honestly I think the $20 are worth it.Hoping for a sale too :3

      But first..... I wanna win this giveaway :p
    3. KeonDZ
      Ohhh bosses, pfft how hard can they be right? *Starts to sweat a little*
    4. Ewan0913
    5. SovientLion_
      hyped about it.......i wanna win the give away also.....best of luck for give away
    6. ItsMantasLTU
      paying real money for a boss fight oh come the F on... The further the server goes the more pay to win it gets... What about epic keys? vote keys? legendary keys? warzone chests? naaaaah we need the money, Skyrealms: we used to make a game now we make money...
      Last edited: Jun 12, 2017
    7. Yoshistory
      Awesome, can't wait to defeat this boss with other players. Also can't wait to see that other bosses you're gonna come up with.
    8. TheTeaGuns
      Anyone can fight the boss when another player spawns it, so the fun and benefit isn't limited to just that player. Its completely fair for everyone :)
    9. JoshuaTRB
    10. Lolgians05
      I lost my iron golem spawner cause The shop at spawn dont gave it to me....and i lost 750.000 forma this!!! Plese mod or helper or administrators help me cause in veri angry!! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY OR MI IG SPAWNER!!!!!
    11. PotatoGod
      In my opinion the person who placed it should get a guaranteed reward no matter how much damage they do.
    12. Ewan0913
      They do
    13. Ewan0913
      I think the price is too high, should be around $12~$16
    14. SilentSakura
      not worth 20.00, once the game becomes way to much pay to win.. i'll just stick with my IG farm
    15. Shadow_Genji_P
      Maybe they should add cheaper Bosses that you can possibly Get out of a legendary or Epic Key
      \Like 5$ For like Some Skelly Queen
      Cheap Bosses can possibly be in keys

      Also Why do they have to add in the hardest mobs first
      Why did they Disable tnt In the nether??
      Theres no use for the TNT Then for looking Now
      Last edited: Jun 13, 2017
    16. Captain21_Battle
      becuase TNT can bypass the no pvp, and the nether is laggy enough
    17. Captain21_Battle
      Are there going to be wither, enderdragon, and Elder Guardian boss fights?
    18. iAurify
      Just curious, can a player win both the spawning egg prize and the most damage prize, and get double the loot? That would be nice if it stacks
    19. iAurify
      lul, one step at a time. I am hoping at least one nether boss, but they would have to make a whole other arena.

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