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[07/16/2017] Discord Improvements!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TheTeaGuns, Jul 16, 2017.

By TheTeaGuns on Jul 16, 2017 at 4:34 PM
  1. TheTeaGuns

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    Apr 1, 2017
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    As most of you are already aware, SkyRealms has an awesome Discord community. If you didn’t know, see the bottom of this post for how to join the ever growing group where you can learn about updates, talk to staff, hang out with other players and more!

    Rank on Discord
    If you have a rank in game, you can now get that rank displayed on the Discord, as seen in the image below! Simply head in game and type /discord. This will give you a unique code. Copy that code, find the SkyRealms bot in discord, and PM it with ‘.link <code>’

    If you don't have a rank, this command will do nothing. You can change that by buying a rank here.


    This will link your in game account to your Discord, and show off any awesome rank you have in game! Make sure you PM the bot your code, DO NOT post it in a public Discord channel.

    There may also be a secret donor only Discord chat for all of you to partake in ;)

    If you have not yet joined our Discord community, you can do so by clicking HERE!

    Coming Soon
    Many of you have enjoyed the challenge and rewards from fighting the Iron Golem King, but some secret sources say a new boss is on the horizon! Prepare yourselves for a new challenge in the near future.

    Full Changelog
    Added custom Discord bot
    Added ability to get ranks on Discord
    Added rabbit, llama and parrot eggs, chorus fruit to the shop
    Increased sponsored realm pricing to 5 million
    Fixed boss arena catching on fire
    Fixed XP rewards from keys​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TheTeaGuns, Jul 16, 2017.

    1. JohnThePro
      Cool update! What about shulker boxes?
    2. Nacato
      Such a cool update now I can finally see my rank on discord. Wait a minute ....
      I don't have a rank :eek::D
      Shulker boxes are still extremly bugged sooo it will take some more time.

      Hope to see a lot of new players joining the Discord soon.
    3. Ryann

      What about lightweight? Any idea when it will be fixed?
    4. Nacato
      There is currently no estimated time when light weight will be fixed. However you can use Speed 2 potions to counter it or if you are Skygod you can use /fly.
    5. Jousseph
      An Absolutely Amazing Update!
    6. shonki
      I ill join server back shulkers are fixed
    7. toastyasf
      Has anyone figure out how to add the rank to discord I can't find the skyrealms bot on there anywhere
    8. CCmalakai
      Hello, I haven't played in a while and so I decided to come back to this server and play on it some more since I had good memories of it! But for some reason whenever I join the server, its puts me in the Hub Server and says on screen: "Connecting... Attempting to Transfer in 5, 4.." so on.

      Then When it counts down it says: "Error: Transfer Failed. Server is Offline"
      Can Someone help? I'm on version 1.12 of minecraft and it keeps doing this non-stop... =/
    9. Nacato
      Basically you will see all the ranks on the right side of discord. Just scroll down until you reach the bots group or just tag the bot in the #lobby chat (Bot name is SkyRealms). Afterwards message the bot privately with .link <code>
      Here a screenshot of how it should look like:

      That is because one of the spawn servers is either restarting or down. Feel free to message me on here (CLICK HERE) if you still experience the same problem after 5 minutes.
    10. toastyasf
      Is there an invite link I need to access the skyrealms server on discord I'm new to discord and don't know much about it
    11. Nacato
      You surely need to join our Community Discord first: http://discord.gg/skyrealms
    12. Celmore123
      What about TEAMSHEEP!???? Also NO SHULKER BOXES!!! IS REPTILE THE ONLY ONE WORKING AROUND HERE??????? MY GOD ITS NOT EVEN A PLUGIN ITS JUST VANILLA!!!!!! btw I have a revolutionary idea with them that will change the word
    13. EvanOrgan
      nice update with the discord!
    14. Yonirott
      The link is expired, is there a working link?
    15. EvanOrgan
      Hello yonirott,

      Please try clicking the discord on the main page to try and get into the discord, also for the rank I believe now you can do it at any realm, you just do /discord in game and it will give you a code, with this code you private message the skyrealm's bot with .link ####### and he will promote you on this discord to what ever rank you are ingame.

      Hope this helps.! :)
    16. Venomix__
      i really need help, i cant join the discord server, i wasnt banned or anthing, bu it says the invite has expiredor is invalad:(
    17. JawlessPython
      that means you were banned.
    18. Celmore123
      @Pawzi gravedigger

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