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Oct 19, 2017 at 2:10 AM
Mar 2, 2017
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Staff Member Administrator

Staff applications are open again! If you applied previously and didn't get in, you may reapply this time. All old apps are gone. Good luck! Jul 5, 2017

Deci was last seen:
Oct 19, 2017 at 2:10 AM
    1. Jackyboy12
      How do I become a helper
      1. marcseli
        There is a post under a forum section regarding applying for helper
        Oct 21, 2017 at 11:50 PM
    2. GuyRecommended
      (This is a theoretical question) Say I used a public account to afk my realm, then logged out when I was finished with it. Then, someone gets on that same account then gets it banned on sky realms on another IP. If the account gets banned on someone else's IP, do all accounts on my IP get banned for evasion?
    3. watan_craft
      im lord and i got banned i dont want my 60$ please unban me and restart me without rank please i love this server and i got banned for scamming and u said on rules the scamming not bannable

      u know how i feel
    4. Michy25
      im a lord in skyrealms
      i buy it Yesterday but when i try to join the server write:u are not in teh whitelist in this server
      please i pay 60 dollars and i want replay at the server i very very like it
    5. Meta_Knight_
      I did give boeingpiggy13579 those igs. i was helping him get them because he was helping me get mine.
      (sorry took to long to answer, i didn't notice until now)
    6. mom
      I am a mom of a player who is a minor. He has been assisting another player to help rebuild his world, and the other player gave my son a "gift" for the assistance, which was a $50 rank. I was quite creeped out to hear about strangers paying cash to give my son a gift to increase his rank. Is it normal for players to buy other players a gift rank? Any chance we can talk privately off the forum?
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      2. mom
        Final thought.... The other player may not know my son is a minor as he does not divulge that info.... Probably just an over reactive mom, but just want to be safe.
        Oct 11, 2017
      3. ItsLeEnder
        Your son's private info will be safe as long as he doesn't share it on his own. Don't worry :)
        Oct 11, 2017
      4. Kyledren
        Uh just to let you know the admins aren't on here that much. I can send you a conversation about the ranks.
        Oct 11, 2017
    7. SavageKing9
      Can you ban Mahjonks for scamming and being a fake irl dealer.
    8. ChocolateKnight
      So my friend and I were doing a friendly duel, and he lost, but when we got back, he lost all of his stuff and his op gear, is that a bug or a new update?
    9. SamDoesGames
    10. InsanityS
      DEci please repli
    11. anemou
      Please look at Insamos's ban appeal on Ban Evasion. I'm unbanned now so he should be aswell.
    12. ExoNinja04
      Hey deci my birthday is wrong, I thought you had to be 18+ to sign up and stuff like that, I would like to change
    13. Emporerlizard
      What happened to thunberg
    14. On_Point_Aj
      Please give my son the benefit of the doubt and allow him to play. We did not ask for money back at any point, none was received. It was a genuine mistake on our part, sorry. Email confirming the purchase was seen too late we received what we paid for. Please do not punish my son for my mistake. He loves the game we are all devastated. My son thought that he was buying 3 time the quantity.
      1. iGalactic
        Send a ticket using the green question mark icon in the bottom right hand of the forums screen. Do that and everything should be fine soon.
        Sep 30, 2017
        On_Point_Aj likes this.
    15. Nickgamer1039
      Poltergeist aka my bro got banned for fly??? What?? Ill send u picture of mc launcher and ull see we dont have any sorts of hacked clients or inapropriate mods i swear to god too so u decide to leave me and my brother false banned or make good decision
      1. ExoNinja04
        Could have deleted client or fake pic
        Oct 1, 2017
      2. Nickgamer1039
        nope +i am not banned for hax he says that my brother could acces my acc but i have programmed batch file where u have to type pasword to make mc show up u cant see it if u dont sooooooooooo @ExoNinja04
        Oct 3, 2017
    16. Nickgamer1039
      And u denied appeal for that?? I dont even know how to that???
    17. Nickgamer1039
      Deci i got ip changed????
      Deci will aj get unbanned??
    19. ExoNinja04
      Did cakefromspace tell you to refund me 7mil and enchant stone
    20. Guy
      Hey deci i wrote a Ban Appeal can you plz read it? Thx Bombat
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