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  • I applied for staff but Skype and email got hacked
    How do i apply again
    You have up to three applications. You can fill out a new form. Good luck.
    Have a nice day!
    what day will the reset happen?
    and im sad because all my hours of hard hard work will be thrown away
    There is no date/time set, But it will be soon.
    A reset will be fun for everyone to start again.
    I saw that the sever is going to reset so can you maybe make 2 different things like your old realms and the new reset one
    All players will receive the reset and there is no bypassing it.
    Hey i just lost 6 ggs that where in my inventory i had them stacked when taking them to my new chests and when all of a sudden the stack glitched out and now i have 34 ggs instead of 40 you can ask breaded_toast and inorthify and more people that know of my realm like sleeprcell and stuff. please help!
    (This is a theoretical question) Say I used a public account to afk my realm, then logged out when I was finished with it. Then, someone gets on that same account then gets it banned on sky realms on another IP. If the account gets banned on someone else's IP, do all accounts on my IP get banned for evasion?
    im lord and i got banned i dont want my 60$ please unban me and restart me without rank please i love this server and i got banned for scamming and u said on rules the scamming not bannable

    u know how i feel
    im a lord in skyrealms
    i buy it Yesterday but when i try to join the server write:u are not in teh whitelist in this server
    please i pay 60 dollars and i want replay at the server i very very like it
    I did give boeingpiggy13579 those igs. i was helping him get them because he was helping me get mine.
    (sorry took to long to answer, i didn't notice until now)
    I am a mom of a player who is a minor. He has been assisting another player to help rebuild his world, and the other player gave my son a "gift" for the assistance, which was a $50 rank. I was quite creeped out to hear about strangers paying cash to give my son a gift to increase his rank. Is it normal for players to buy other players a gift rank? Any chance we can talk privately off the forum?
    Final thought.... The other player may not know my son is a minor as he does not divulge that info.... Probably just an over reactive mom, but just want to be safe.
    Your son's private info will be safe as long as he doesn't share it on his own. Don't worry :)
    Uh just to let you know the admins aren't on here that much. I can send you a conversation about the ranks.
    So my friend and I were doing a friendly duel, and he lost, but when we got back, he lost all of his stuff and his op gear, is that a bug or a new update?
    Please look at Insamos's ban appeal on Ban Evasion. I'm unbanned now so he should be aswell.
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